Some ideas for the next patch

I have some ideas for the next patch as far as quality of life features.

First up previews of patches need to be available to everyone not just steam users.

Second we need a scenario editor on xbox. This will bring it up to par with the other versions.

Lastly and im sure youll agree with this one we need more triggers in scenario editor like create object type multi and a customizable inactive ai.

Just some quality of life features. What do you think about these?

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I agree! But to be honest I just hope they fix the spectator browser bug, that’s all i hope! My coffee mornings have been ruined! ;_;

Im without a pc right now so i dont have access to the level editor this is more of an issue right now because i dont have the immediate funds to get a new one after i put up with my old defective pc for multiple years it finally bricked itself i cant believe the only solution right now is to pay hundreds of dollars for a new pc or wait a long possibly indefinite time for these issues to be resolved and im running out of patience for the latter