Some ideas to improve IU, would help to understand better the game

  1. minimap can be dragged anywhere and be resized

2.fattening and rottening rates shown on IU, as there is a huge space

3. value of cattle incresing rate nex to cattle value %
4. time to develop tech

  1. option to activate show damage on first hit

  2. time left , why? its crucial to know if the shipment or tech is going to arrive on time, or when allies ask you “how much time left for you to reach age 3”, or “when we gonna have those 10 cuirassier”, "
    -when we attack? "

but having this image would know exactly how much time
we could say: in 10 secs im going to create 3 culverins on my artilery foundry

also we could see time to create unit