Some improvements for the matchmaking in ranked

How does matchmaking work?
The system matches you with players with an elo similar to yours, depending on the number of players looking for a game and the time you have in queue, you will have a higher or lower probability of finding a game. After 7 minutes the matchmaking system will put you against anyone who’s queuing, NO MATTER the ELO difference.

For a game with so few online players, the current matchmaking system does not seem the most appropriate, either due to waiting time or its quality. The waiting time can vary from a few seconds to more than 8 minutes and this can be frustrating for a player. Not only for having to keep an eye on it for a lot of time, but for spending half the time you could be playing finding a game.

This could be solved with a defined time to find a game instead of a progressive countdown. I know this can make the queues longer but at least you know how long you’re going to have to wait. It may also coincide that the countdown is very close to zero when you are looking for a game or you can do something else if there is still a long time left.


How is this an improvement? This is confusingly worded, but to my understanding, you want everyone to sit in a queue until minute X, at which point they will be matched? Seems like a ridiculous waste of time compared to the current system.


I’d prefer it the other way around.
It would be great if you could optionally specify acceptable Elo differences you would tolerate.

If you specified only the max time you are willing to wait you could be force-matched with a player of extremely different elo when your set time expires, and I think controlling the elo threshold would feel mor gradual to me.

That might help with team games as well, because it would give you the option of waiting for say 30 minutes for having a fairly balanced game instead of joining a game that is not very balanced after a couple of minutes at mid elo

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I never had a waiting time of just a few seconds. And more then 7 only seems to happen for pro players (or bottom players). That is just because in their range there arent just that many players.

I think it’s pretty easy to understant and i’ve seen it working perfectly fine in other games. Basically, with this system you know how long you are going to be in the queue before you even join it. Then it will be your decision to continue waiting or if there are players online you can join a game almost instantly.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Some people can use it to force matchmaking with lower elo players.

I don’t think so, because you would only specify the abs deviation from Ur Elo.

Also the lower rated player would have to increase the max Elo discrepancy aswell to be matched, and the closer U are to 1k Elo the less you need to increase the threshold, because there are more players of similar ELO.

I would see this as means of being able to voluntarily prolong the waiting time to have fairer matches

The thing is, I don’t play other games, so no, it’s not easy to understand. I have no frame of reference to go on, and your post doesn’t explain clearly how this system would work for AoE2.

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I think I explained it well enough since the other 2 users understood it perfectly. I also made a clarification explaining the main point of my proposal. Tbh it sounds like a you problem.

Maybe the other AoE2 users have played other games with this kind of matchmaking. Is it that you want everybody to wait for 5 minutes (that’s just an example) before getting matched? That’s my read of it, but that seems like a stupid solution, as that’s basically just a 5 minute delay before the current system starts to my understanding. So if that’s right, then I do understand it, I just find it unbelievable why you would consider this to be an improvement, which is why I’m hoping I’m wrong.

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