Some interesting changes

good guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been here xd I’ll leave below some ideas that I’ve had in mind to give it a little more “power”

1° Improve the difficulty of the campaigns and historical battles, let’s be fair in difficult level they are too easy to complete and do not represent any real challenge and some ideas that I have in mind are the following:

1:Make the enemy AI depending on the difficulty improve their economy and their armies

Standard Difficulty: The ai has basic economy and her armies don’t even have the veteran upgrade.
Medium Difficulty: The ai improves its economy with the first available technologies but not to the maximum, and its armies are now veteran level.
Difficulty Hard: Here the AI ​​improves its economy to the maximum and prioritizes having an army with the available guard improvements

2:Make it so that in the campaign levels you cannot build buildings with infinite resource production (see mills, farms, ranches, rice fields, etc.) Corrals and factories if they can be available, this to make the player run out of many options while the campaign lengthens game (the enemy AI can make these buildings)

3:Get the ai if it sees that you are making an army that is not very diversified to make an army that can counter yours

That with respect to the campaigns and historical battles,
2°And now with respect to European civilizations… we all saw how incredible the work of making the Ottomans a very unique civ was and I had thought that with the other European civs it could be similar, and my ideas are:

Musketeer: Unit removed
replacement unit
Red Coat: British infantryman with good fire discipline, who can withstand ranged attacks and is effective against heavy infantry at range.

165 HP 4 speed 15% ranged resistance
(3 seconds)25 ranged damage (12 range)
(3seconds) 22 siege damage (6 range)
(1,5 seconds) 14 melee damage
Its cost would be raised from 75 food to 85 and its gold cost from 25 to 35

Well here it is somewhat complicated since, as we Prussians and Austrians know, it is something that will never happen in this game, so I did not know whether to make another unique unit that they could have would be the Prussian Needle Rifleman or the Austrian Wind Rifleman
so I will assume that they will have both but I will make some differences

Guerrillas: Removed Unit:

Replaced by

Austrian Wind Riflemen: Very skilled and accurate marksmen with an abysmal rate of fire as well as deadly ability to use stealth. (only limited to 15 of them) available in the fortress age

140 HP 4.5 speed 35% ranged resistance
30 ranged damage with a 1 second rate of fire with a bonus of x2 against heavy infantry and x3 against light cavalry (22 range)
8 siege damage (6 range)
5 melee damage (same bonuses as ranged)

Instead of being worth 50 food like a standard guerrilla they are worth 65 and instead of 65 gold they are worth 100

New card: Dreyse Rifles (Age IV) allows Prussian Needle Riflemen to be trained in Barracks, Forts, and Galleons.

Prussian Needle Rifleman: Skilled Prussian infantryman armed with a primitive repeating rifle is effective against many things

160 HP 4 speed 15% ranged resistance
25 ranged damage with a rate of fire of 1.5 (rank 17) with a 1.85 bonus against heavy infantry, light and heavy cavalry, and a 1.50 bonus against shock infantry.
25 siege damage
17 melee damage (with the same bonuses)
Its cost would be 80 food and 80 gold


Dragoons (Spanish): Unit removed and replaced by:
Mounted Crossbowmen: Ranged cavalry with high precision and good performance in battle
220 HP 7 speed 30% ranged resistance
25 ranged damage (at 14 range) with a x1.8 bonus against infantry and artillery and a x2 bonus against cavalry
10 siege damage
15 melee damage
Worth 105 food and gold


Pikemen: Unit removed and replaced by:
Aventuros (aventureiros): Portuguese melee infantry unit very skilled in combat.
130 HP 5.40 speed and 10% melee resistance and 10% ranged resistance
15 melee damage, with a bonus of x4 against cavalry, x2 against shock infantry and x2 against infantry in general
22 siege damage
they are worth 55 food and 55 wood

and as you can see I came back… with ideas just as silly as before xd but well I wanted to publish something like that

I already had enough difficulty with the campaigns and historical battles (especially historical battles) as they are, and I only played them on moderate

I haven’t even completed all historical battles

no es por sonar como mala persona ni mucho menos amigo pero, de verdad se te hicieron dificiles? :0
es que yo las juego y no me demoro casi nada en pasar las misiones en un abrir y cerrar de ojos basta mejorar un poco las unidades y tener la economia marchando y pam se acabo