Some issues of current patch

  • Lakota has two 3 axe riders and two 5 clubmen (450 resource LOL) in age II. If you do not like this civ you can just remove it from the game, instead of making such idiot changes.

  • Swedish hakkapell was remade into light cavalry, but its melee attack was not nerfed at all, and do 100% damage to villagers. Should be nerfed slightly.

  • Ethiopia Oromo knight remake is good, but the shipments are not changed. 3 Oromo in age III worth 720 resource only, let alone infinite 2 Oromo (480 resource). Even age IV 6 Oromo is 1400 resource only now. It should be 4+3 in fortress, 8+7 in industrial.

  • Hausa was overnerfed. It should be a cavalry civ, but its cav are nothing special. At least give them a cavalry combat? Duba parade is too late.

  • Chinese meteor hammer do not counter cannons easily now, so hand mortars needs a slight buff. A 1-pop cannon should not attack that slowly: they should attack-move like elephant cannons, leather cannons etc.

  • Port is overbuffed. I do not have a better idea but I’m sure they are OP here.

  • Is cuirassier too slow now? At least give them 6.5 speed.


As a teamgame player, Haud is unplayable for a long time (no one would like to use it except TP countdown play) and they still got nerfed from last patch due to 1v1 is strong.

。Bad eco (only level 1 hunt and gold mine in market)
。Toma animation for first attack is slower than musk, almost same cost but less range attack.
。Musk Rider is age 3 unit for Haud to deal with falcs, after they nerfed it Haud is becoming difficult to counter falcs due to they die much faster than before.

First travois for Dock is the way makes them better but got nerfed.

So that Haud has worse eco than normal civ, in age2 toma is weaker than musk, in age3 they don’t have effective anti-cannon unit, they have no method to deal with massive infantry, until they are able to reach age4, they lost too much in the early game.

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Hakkapelits also benefit from hand cavalry upgrades so they can receive a lot of buffs from Swedes’ hand cavalry cards on top of already very good base stats. I think that is an oversight.
It also probably need some negative melee multipliers to light infantry and villagers.

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There are so many hakkapelit spammers in game now. They destroy cav, destroy skirm by switching to melee, kill buildings and cannons too. No counter.