Some Malta changes

My ideas are this:

  1. Make fixed guns take a little longer to build, but a bit more hp.
  2. Change the age 2 fort wagon card to just a plus 2 build limit and it also adds some more Hp.
  3. Make fire tower deal slightly more damage, and a bigger spread.
  4. Change wall guns completely. From what a read on Wikipedia, they were more or less mini cannons. Now adding more damage and range for sentinels behind makes some sense for that, but ultimately the cards pretty worthless, and I think there is a better way to represent wall guns. The card will now do this—“equips all your Current sentinels with Wall Guns, which gives them more range, increases their damage and switches it to siege damage. But makes them Much slower and forces them to drop their spears”. I’m sure this description could be simplified but basically turns your sentinels into slow, siege damage dealing zouaves (With heavy infantry tag). This card costs more wood/coin the more sentinels you currently have.
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mmm yes if i remember well, fire tower card is really bad, but asking this things is always dangerous, developers dont slightly improve something, they mega improve something making them very overpowered like abus gun nowadays.