Some more funny logics

  1. Halberdiers deal 1 damage to Elite Teutonic Knight when attacking directly. However they deal 5 damage when they are not facing the enemy. (Druzhina)

  2. Mongolia, a landlocked country, has better navy and also Cannon Galleons but Cumania (a country near Black Sea) has neither.

  3. Researching Cavalry armor technologies affects the rider, not the horse.

  4. When a Konnik is killed, this time the horse dies (it is normal for the horse to die against Spearmen units but not other units) and the rider dismounts. However, the rider cannot mount a different horse (in scenario editors there are various versions of horses).

  5. The rider of the Battle Elephant has a lance like a Steppe Lancer, but he never uses it in any combat.

  6. Throwing Axemen have good axes but cannot cut down trees, neither they have an attack bonus against siege and naval units.

  7. Serjeants build Donjons with Battleaxes.

  8. The civilians with the weakest eyesight are made Scouts in Korea.

  9. The units forming the bulk of the armies in Europe are useless in a Euro-centric game (Long Swordsmen).

Give me more. Also please don’t come up with cliche ones like you can garrision 30 War Elephants in a transport boat but not garrision 31 villagers in the same boat and siege weapons moving without a human.


@SauravT This topic should have title: Some AoE Logic :joy:

  1. Is easier to dodge Cannonball than the pile of spring-propeled rocks (Cannon Galeon vs Mangonel)
  2. Canonball deals less dmg to wooden box than small projectiles (BBT vs CKN or HC)
  3. Monk with giant golden box runs as fast as without it.
  4. Movable Cannons have more range than stationary cannons.
  5. (clichee but I cannot resist) Fat man on foot runs as fast as cavalry (King)

BTW, basicly Throwing axeman have bonus vs Rams, because they deal meele dmg, and Ram have -3 Meele Armor.

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Wearing a shirt makes you able to kill a wolf with your bare hand.


More even, men are equiped with shirts (Loom) but still walk shirtless.

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I dont think Mongolia was landlocked back then

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A war can last for more than a thousand years, but enemies will surrender to a wonder in 200 years

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That’s not considered as a bonus damage by the game actually :sweat_smile:

Any damage against any class other 3 (pierce), 4 (melee) and 31 (standard melee) is only considered as bonus damage.

“This is Chengis Khan. We must flee.”

Yep, there were 2 atempts of Invasion on Japan.

Konniks contradict that.

Gotta show off those gains from Foresting and Farming, bruh!

And to think they survive the cold weather in europe 🤦