Some new cards shouldn't be cards

Mercenary Camps

  • It is strange to have a card that cuts the taverns in half (half cost, price, HP and coin trickle)
  • Mercenary camps should just be a normal Building for Germany (that costs less wood then Taverns but doesn’t trickle Coin)
  • One or multiple cards should unlock mercenaries to be build there.
  • Maybe like Sweden. You unlock the mercenaries that you send.

March Revolution

  • Why is it not a real Revolution?
  • Turning Settler Wagons into cavalry (a new unity should be made for that) should be a feature for all revolutions (for all civilisations, because team cards)


  • It is very strange that Ottomans have modern Western looking uniforms unless you send this card.
  • Ottoman artillery crews should look different by default.
  • The African civilisations should also get custom artillery crews. The models already exist for the Sebastopol Mortar.

There’s also an undocumented change: Germans have lost the regular Theaters card, meaning they exchanged outlaw pop reduction for the quirks of Mercenary Camps.

The other thing is that… what specific European style is the Tavern model intended to evoke? If it’s modeled after a German beer house, it’d be kinda weird for the German civ to be the one to replace it.

BTW here’s my suggestion on making Mercenary Camp more useful for scenario makers:


That is true.
But considering that a lot of mercenaries are German, I think it’s ok that other powers to to a German tavern to recruit German mercenaries.
You can’t have everything and I think having a cheaper mercenary building with a higher build limit is better for the Germans.

I also think the Mercenary Camp should be a different building and not just a reskin.

They turn into 2 revolutionaries atm but that’s boring.


This part is 100% correct :clap:t2::clap:t2::ok_hand:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


INDIAN GUNPOWDER should be a tech with the effect of sepoy recruitment (no 2 sepoys). Instant sepoys dont make sense.

ROYAL GREEN JACKETS, nothing new about this. Counter infantry rifle should be available in some way.

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The Granade Launcher card should be an arsenal tech.
Any livestock cards that aren’t unique to a civ should be livestock pen techs.


absolutely agree with your comments about ottoman artillery.

A lot of shared techs was moved to cards in early development.
I’d suggest moving some of the very underused ones back to techs so that they will see some use.


I agree about the uniforms. Surely it should be the other way round? Ottoman style by default, then in the last ages, Western-style. I’ll not profess any proper knowledge on the Ottoman military history though so I could be entirely wrong.