Some Non-Suspicious Ideas For Malta

Firstly I think Malta should get a different merc than the Cannoneer from their mercenary contractor as the Cannoneer is an age 2 merc that isn’t as useful to pick up in the fortress age and will only get weaker as the game goes on. It should be. replaced by something totally random, like say the swiss pikemen. Next, the royal horsemen card is a triple shipment for some reason. Now I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional but nonetheless, it should be standardized to a single-use shipment. Now I know what you’re thinking, “no that card is amazing! I have it in every deck and send it three times and then go to imperial just so I can send it three more times in every single game I play. Malta will be F tier if it’s a single shipment.” I completely agree and that’s why I think Malta should get another merc shipment in age 4 to compensate for this irreparable loss. How about… oh let’s say the highlander just to pull one out of thin air.

Oh wow look they’re both units Malta has in the campaign haha. What a funny coincidence.