Some of my own mods aew not appearing in the "my mods" section ingame

Some of my own mods are not appearing in the “my mods” section ingame, so I cannot update them ingame.
They still appear on the website (under MyMods - Age of Empires ) and I am still able to update them here on the website.

I know following are affected:

Maybe this is something that @DodoNotDoDo can take a peek into.

Does it only show 45 and then show a “loading mods…” that never ends? I think it’s a bug in the game client, but I need to confirm with the devs. I just want to confirm what you’re seeing though.

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I have 33 mods listed as unpublished (which seem to be the local versions of published mods), and indeed exactly 45 listed as published, after which it says loading mods. So indeed it could be the bug you mentioned.

I’ve reported the bug to the game team, so hopefully it will get fixed in an upcoming patch. Thanks for reporting it!