Some Ottoman Unit Name Suggestions!

Hi, dear devs. Thank you for last Ottoman rework. You reflected Ottomans so well in the game with last update. As you know, you add Deli Cav as unit and have named grenadier as humbaracy , Turkish word Humbaracı which is so true. Deli cav have veteran Deli, rumeliots and imperial.rumeliots upgrades and humbaracy have veteran humbaracy, ulufelis, imperial ulufelis. Ulufe means salary, wage or payment in English. Humbaracy have two class as ulufeli and tımarlı. When we call deli as just rumeliots and humbracy as ulufelis, players can confuse so I suggest that for rumeliots " rumeliot Deli", “imperial rumeliot deli” and for ulufelis “ulufeli humbaracy” " imperial ulufeli humbaracy". In Turkish translation, guard Janisarry translated as " nöbetçi yeniçeri" and other some units “nöbetçi …” Guard means “nöbetçi, muhafız” at Turkish language but “muhafız” word is so better than nöbetçi. If turkish translation team change them, this will be better translation. Again dear devs you have done great work with last update, thank you wery much.:slight_smile:

Also Deli cavs were often trained at Rumelia, balkan lands so I think there is no point that upgrade names have rumeliots and imperial rumeliots. According to wiki Deli’s have been act as personal guard so I suggest that Deli should have Veteran Deli, Guard Deli, İmperial Guard Deli as upgrades. I am big fan of Deli unit so thank you again adding this awesome unit to the game :slight_smile:

In addition to the these suggestions great bombard was artillery unit that have a private name as “Şahi Topu” in Turkish language. Unit name should be changed like that , at least for.the Turkish translation.