Some points about ESO-C

Hey there! I just wanted to bring something to your attention because I feel like Aoe3 is going through some rough times. It’s unfortunate to see certain issues within our beloved game that are really impacting the community. I just wanted to shed some light on these matters, mainly concerning ESO-Community. Only in the recent months we have witnessed every person involved in contributing to Aoe3 community getting unfairly treated by this community, I want to share some examples for it.

Dori, who is owner of the companion app was driven away, Someone is shamelessly spreading lies, targeting Dori’s reputation. And if that wasn’t enough, they have dared to copy his hard work without asking his permission.

It was also truly unfair the unjust excommunication of Microsoft moderator, eliterifleman, who has courageously offered to implement Microsoft’s Code of Conduct in an effort to maintain fair standards.

The unprofessional attitude of the staff members insulting the players in a tournament sponsored by Microsoft and illegaly restarting a game that was already won in KOTOW. They have also been constantly targetting players to attack their reputation as there is a very active thread currently at ESO-C where they attack one of the best players in the game,all this being said without including the leak of data of users in their website.

I just want to share the sad truth is that the ESO-Community does not truly represent the Aoe3 community. Doesn’t respect to any part of the Microsoft Code Of Conduct or it’s values, as can easily be seen by their actions since months. Game developers are always getting insulted and players are getting target of mass flaming. They have been caught up in countless controversies throughout the years, consistently showing their bias against the Microsoft Code Of Conduct. It’s unfair to witness this constant disregard for a game that has brought so much joy for many of the players in this game.


Esoc was great back in the day, like back in the interjection days but now it’s just an inactive forum fallen into irrelevance and full of immature people causing unnecessary drama over a game.


This situation has started to become very common lately which is unfortunate for the scene of this game, kudos to you for sharing it.

They banned @EliteRiflemann from ESOC, wow why would they do that? He is a upstanding member of the AoE 3 community


Hi Edol,
As apart of the Media Team for ESOC, I can tell you that there are always two sides to a story. I won’t go into the details, but you should always read the perspective from both sides before making judgment. Nevertheless, some things that have happened in the last 6 months really suck and are a huge downer, and it usually is just the cast that two people have some past experiences with each other and cannot work together in the same environment. It’s not a case of the ESOC team bullying out or targeting people, it’s usually the case of past experiences of a person tarnishing how they see someone today. Personally, I would’ve hoped with all these examples you mentioned above the 2-3 people involved would just talk it out like they would IRL, for the sake of growing the community, but unfortunately they didn’t. In terms of grouping all ESOC as bad, that really hurts because atleast from us here at the Media Team, we are working extremely hard every week to coordinate between players, casters, and production that doesn’t come easy. It’s a shame ESOC doesn’t have the same vibe it did a long time ago, but for all but a couple of us in the team, we are working so hard each week, some of us putting upwards of 3-5 hours a week (excluding casting) to bring people things like the new overlay, UI, escapeaoe style alerts, in game DLC’s, map intro vids tournaments and showmatches, just to name barely a few. So to summarise, when making these posts about how ESOC is bad, I’d appreciate if you and others look a little further into the reasoning behind these tarnishing events, because every time you’ll find it’s either just a matter of perspective from either side, or caused by a long ago formed vendetta between two to three people.


Hi Joshua667746. I agree, stories have two sides, while it’s important to read and let both sides to talk their cases, this has always been prevented by the community you are representing. They have excessive hate speech. Current ESO-C hot thread is about daily insulting of a top player. Every day somebody is getting called cheater or insulted by that. It’s simply representing the ESO-Community when all those actions are taking part, because it’s what’s owned up by that name at the end of the day as well.

Yeah, he has been unfairly treated and been kicked out, which is very unfortunate because all he did was enforcing Microsoft Code Of Conduct.

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Like besides the fact youve made alot of claims without evidence, the term “excessive hate speech” requires basically #### propoganda in level since if it’s just 2 people talking smack thats cringe or toxic but not whats considefed hate speech. To a native english speaker hate speech is an actual legal term of very concrete specifications btw. It comes accross as fake when you hyperbole without much actual evidence.true or not, its not convincing way to present it fwiw.

That said, I dont like the idea of attempting to stir up drama and pretending its not a vendetta afoot here. The truth is, esoc isnt the heart of aoe3 as it was in 2019 and the forums are filled with more troll than useful content. But it remains a great place to watch competive games and often get feedback from high level players as well as organize events. Esoc also continues to push for more visibility of events to microsoft and othet esport sponsors.

Lately the non esoc folks have also been hard at work getting content out of guides, showmatches and events. Competition to me is good, and will force both sides to work towards better content that benefits the community. Smearing or smack talking does nothing but try and polarize a small community. These forums in general are focused on actual gameplay and related discussion, not to partake in other platforms drama. In the end, the average person could care less about the behind the scenes drama and ego and would rather just play the game and watch good content. And the winner wont be the group that levied hollow accusations, it will be the ones who come up and produce good stuff. and truth is theres plenty of space in aoe3 for several tentpole organizations


That’s a great idea, I also don’t want drama here, therefore I’m gonna close this thread.