Some proposals on Unit tags

First of all, A really good work from the devs side to make an attempt to avoid confusion by renaming the Light Infantry tag to Shock Infantry. But after having some discussion with some aoe 3 veterans, friends and even people on this forum, this unit tag classification could still use some changes.

In the base game which was released in the year 2005, the Light Infantry tag was used on units that counter Heavy Infantry and Light Cavalry, such as Skirmishers and Crossbowmen. When warchiefs expansion released, it introduced units like coyote runners which were tagged as light infantry instead of Skirmisher type units (the light infantry tag was removed from them). This started a little bit of confusion on which one is actually the light infantry unit. Some people were still thinking that Skirmishers were light infantry and thankfully, DE renamed this tag which is supposed only for infantry that act as a pseudo cavalry or in the game’s term “abstract coyoteman”.

I only have 2 suggestions for the dev team to make the game more understandable to beginners and those who still have confusions with these other units, please take it into consideration.

  1. Skirmishers and bow type units need a separate tag to define their purpose better - Now that abstract coyoteman units and Eagle runner knights have their tag renamed to shock infantry, you can now give a separate tag to Skirmishers and bow type units and name that tag as light infantry or something like “long-range infantry” to be more obvious. It’s also good give to it a separate icon/symbol visually but it seems they really don’t need it.

  2. Heavy Cavalry tag needs a distinct icon/symbol -
    cav cav

Corporate needs you to find the differences between this icon and that icon, Well they are the same. But one icon is for Heavy cavalry units and the other is for generic cavalry (both light cavs and heavy cavs) and this is how it is in the game. I don’t know about others but I was once like “Oh, it seems musketeers and pikemen don’t do bonus damage to light cav units, this icon means that they only counter heavy cavalry right?” And that was incorrect. The bonus was against abstract cavalry, which means they do the bonus damage to both light cavs and heavy cavs. Light cavs have this distinctive icon right? lightcav The arrow in the middle says that they are ranged, it’s obvious. Why not give a different one to Heavy cavalry with something like Horseshoe with a sword in the middle? And this would be visible when using dragoon type units and players could tell a difference.

This is not really important but this is something that needs to be discussed. So let me know what you think guys…….also Happy holidays! :blush:


Another nit-picking regarding light infantries:

Strelet Standing Animation :grinning:


Seems like some solid suggestions.

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Great post, agree with everything except this part:



I agree with the suggestion.

This will make many multipliers simpler.
Currently to affect light infantry units. 2 multipliers are placed- against infantry and heavy infantry.