Some Question About Buying the Extended Edition

Hi there, I was thinking about buying AoM and I just wanted to ask a couple of questions before I buy the game.

Q 1: Are the expansions included in the Extended Edition?
Q 2: Do the things I have learnt in AoE I and II translate to AoM?
Q 3: Is the game missing any necessary quality of life feature?
Q 4: Is there I have anything to worry about with AoM?

I actually have a couple more questions but I am sure the wiki will answer them.

  1. The first Expansion is the second one is not. You can see that on Steam.
  2. Mostly yes but not all. AoM had some new things and does get rid of some old things (like Stone).
  3. Some smaller ones but over all it has more than AoE1. I think it’s nearly on the level of AoE2DE. Some stuff is just more comfortable by design like farms never expire.
  4. The game isn’t really supported anymore. I have the strong feeling they are already working on AoMDE and/or AoM2.

The second expansion is less than a dollar in my case so I can get it too.

I think the only Age game they are working on right now is AoE IV but we can never know since they never reveal what they are working on until it is finished.

They are not working on AoE4, that’s a different team.
The team behind the Definitive Editions, either makes more content for them, makes a new game themselves or they make a Definitive Edition for AoM.
They hinted that they are working on something AoM related so it’s likely either AoMDE or AoM2, possibly both.

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