Some questions about hotkeys and zoom


Ive played every age game in the past, so I’m kinda used to the old hotkeys. HCC B-E etc. I was practicing some skirmishes and to build a farm was Q-A. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it shows a different building. It’s kinda difficult to understand for me.

Later I was playing the first campaign, Normandy I believe, and the farm had a different build key. It was set on ‘e’
Hopefully they will make something to change keys :grinning:
But for now is there some good explenation how it works, and the logics behind it?
Another thing I didnt figure out yet is to go to a certain building. You can bind them yourself (ctrl-number) , but I mean like the old ctrl-l (stable) ctrl-m (market) etc.

I’ve seen the zoom options are been frequently discussed. Yeah, double more out would defenitely be better. If its too demanding for hardware, you can always lower down the quality.
What would really be awesome is a 2-D option like aoe2. This way you have a strong option to lower the system specs dramaticly.

Logic? don’t know about your keyboard layout but, it’s left grid system
Don’t u see any correlation with the game?
its a commonly used feature in RTS games an a improvement/evolution compared to the AoE 2 original release hotkeys. Another feature is hotkeys customization but I believe they will be fixing it on the next patch, but who knows.

There are few go to hotkeys for now, the only workaround is to hotkey the units/buildings to a number or to use the F1-F2-F3-F4-F5 keys (F5 being focus on current selection). Im not sure the go to hotkeys are needed anymore (at least the way people used them on AoE 2)

Maybe it’s time to learn to unlearn and play different way, AoE 2 DE is still great and not going anywhere.

I understand the left - grid system. It’s good for pumping unites, for buildings im not sure.
But I havent find when to use what. IT’s kinda strange one moment a farm is A and another moment it’s E. Depending on the position on the UI?
I understand the hotkeying, but you’ve got more things to hotkey then there are buildings so sometimes a quick (ctrl…- Letter) can help you find the correct building you need.

I’m just trying to figure it out, I got bored with aoe2 in '99.

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I believe some hotkeys (the grid) changes from multiplayer to campaigns.
As an example a F1, TAB, SHIFT + Q (produce 5 pikeman for example) is as fast as

You just need to add the F5 hotkey to the equation at the correct time. If for some reason you wanna locate that building.
But yeah I got you, problem is we don’t have the access to customize the go to hotkeys for specific buildings.