Some questions from an old new player

Hi friend, I am just returning to this great game from my childhood, I have played for like 2 months now since 10+ years ago , I buy the game in steam, and I have some questions, maybe some one can help.

1.- Can I play with someone with the microsoft store version?

2.- My ranking in team RM is 1713, I know ofc that this is far from the top but I would know some general rank? Is it average? Below the average? Above the average? Where can I get that information?

3.- Regarding to the last question, in the official page, I only see top 200 people, is there a bigger list somewhere?

4.- Again in the official page my profile appears like I have never played (I have linked my steam and microsoft account), but neither in the microsoft profile nor my steam profile appears something in the official page, no stats, no game played, nothing, is this normal ?

I can be wrong. I am not sure.

1- Yes if you enable cross network playing (I don’t remember it’s name exactly) from settings.

2-Starting point is average as I know. On HD (old) it’s 1600, on Definitive Edition it’s 1000.

3-As I know has full list. has good game information. There is sites you can check.

4-It doesn’t looks HD (old) version, just definitive one. I didn’t checked/used that. So I don’t know if it works for Steam.