Some requests about the hotkeys

1. The hotkeys of currently selected units should override all the other hotkeys.
For example, If I set both “Build Town Center” and “Find Town Center” hotkeys to C, “Build Town Center” should override “Find Town Center” when I select villagers. “Find Town Center” hotkey should only be performed when I do not select any units/buildings with hotkeys set to C.

2. Make “Find All Of Selected Type” hotkey be able to select multiple types of units.
This hotkey currently can only select one type of units, making this hotkey less practical.
For example, when I select a pikeman and a hussar, and then press this hotkey, only the pikemen on the entire map will be selected. But I hope that both the pikemen and the hussars on the entire map are selected when I press this hotkey.

3. Allow us to create/edit mutiple custom hotkeys files and bind them to each civs seperately.
Currenctly, many units/buildings of different civs share the same hotkeys. It will cause conflicts if I have these units/buildings at the same, and mae customizing hotkeys a troublesome work.

Thank you.

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Hi. I still wish these improvement will come true so I bump this topic up.

Some civs only need to make less types of units, so the players can use this function to do multitasks easier; but for other civs which have to use mixed types of units, this function becomes less practical.

For example when I play China, I can’t just use this hotkey to add newly produced cavalries to the control group like other civs.