Some suggestions for Release / Post-Release

-the Artstyle and Graphics are great overall, but many of the units are lacking details.
-unmanned siege units + ships feeling awkward in 2021. I would love to see operators beneath my trebuchets!
-i would love to see weather effects (maybe even with gameplay changes) like when its raining, siege units are slower becauase they are “stuck” in the mud. Or fog/snowstorms, which interupts the sight of archers / siege.
-the early game is feeling a bit rushed. Dont get me wrong. I know that it was always a thing to get really quick to feudal. But after the first trailers, were they mentioned to extend the early game i hoped we stick a bit with lower dark age units and palisade walls (which are useless if you can build stone walls 3min later…). For now it feels just like every other age (which ofc isnt bad) but a longer dark and even feudal age would be great in my opinion