Some suggestions hope to adopt

English is not good so I used Google Translate

  1. No reconnection! Directly lose the call
  2. Teammates in a multiplayer game cannot watch the game if they lose, and they are forced to be kicked. After going out, they cannot watch the game through friends.
  3. Shortcut keys cannot be used in Chinese input method
  4. The spectator population display does not distinguish between combat population and non-combat population. There are also spectacles. Can’t the countdown to victory in the Holy Land be put out alone to make it bigger?
  5. China’s dynasty signs are suggested to be moved up, and many people mistakenly touch them.
  6. Let the ranking go online as soon as possible. Although there is a ranking now, it is outrageous if it is not built into the game!
  7. Can the smart box selection be repaired? If it is set, farmers can still be selected. And Mongolia’s landmark Silver Tree
  8. Farmers should be able to repair automatically!
  9. Press shift to send troops to multiply by 5, but not for market trading and tribute.

Add one, a large number of Chinese steam players cannot bind xbox accounts, but aoe23 can.