Some Suggestions on card re-balance in AOE3DE

We know that in the latest ESOC patch, The balance has been improved.But the patch just for the sake of balance, no consideration to explore the potential of the card deck and enhance the fun of the game.We know that the Age of Empires III has a very rich card deck, but more than half of the cards are underpowered and never got a chance to be used in PVP .If we can balance those unpopular cards,give them higher value in PVP game, the fun of the AOE3 will be significantly increased.

Then let me get this started.Name several cards that I think deserves a raise.

European explorer cards :

I think all european explorers should be empowered.They were far inferior to those of Asia and America. And there’s still a bigger problem:the time of AGE1 is too short. We should use the cards which have most direct effect,such as the 300 resource cards or the 3 villagers card,to enter AGE2 as soon as possible and get more powerful AGE2 level cards.Otherwise we will lose.That’s why the cards in AGE1 deck are very rich,but most of them are useless in PVP games.

I hope in some way , for example,to reduce the initial resources,to increase the duration of AGE1 around 1 ~ 2 minutes.This will give us enough time to use one more AGE1 card.The explorer cards or the pets cards can also get a better income.The tactics of AGE1 will be greatly enriched.The characteristics of each nation can also be better reflected.

In addition,I suggest that all European Explorer cards combine with other underpowered card Hot Air Balloons card.And add extra one dog.AGE2 explorer cards move to AGE1.

European native ally cards:

There are so many great native allies designed to play too low in battle.What a pity.

All of European native ally cards are very interesting, but almost all of them are too weak.We need to merge some of them and enhance some of them.Redesign the entire native collection.To give native allies a real chance to take part in PVP.

*Advanced Surgeons* Advanced Scouts \Agents

The design of these cards is very good, but because the units involved are very infrequently used, these cards do not have any chance to used in PVP.In the hope that the DE team will be able to re-evaluate the two units of surgeon and spy.To enhance their capabilities, or merge the functions of advanced Surgeons/Scouts/agents with those of other cards.

(Llama/Water Buffalo/others) Ranching

Livestock Pen itself in the game in the application of the place is not much, and the big problem of Ranching cards is too slow to take effect.In order to balance this series of cards, I hope to add a effect that delivering several extra animals to these cards.

Advanced Building cards: Too slow to take effect.

Towncenter Wagon: As we know,in AOE3DE the cost of town center is 600 wood.So the value of this card is lower than AGE2 cards.

Next let’s talk about nation unique cards.

Among the unique cards of each nation, there are also some cards with great potential and entertainment, which need to be improved. I simply list a few as an example.


As we know the basic 8 European nations in AOE3 are not distinctive enough.Like British,it is characterized by its unique Manor houses.But the feature had little effect on British tactics in PVP.If we look closely at the British deck, there are some very interesting unique cards about Manor House,Can develop a set of unique British tactics.But the problem remains the same, these cards are slow to take effect,or the value is not high enough.I think, with a modest adjustment,we can put them to work,and make British tactics more richer and more interesting.

Florence Nightigale: Give Manor House the ability heal surrounding units.AGE2.

Of course, a healing ability in the second age is far less than directly deliver five musketeers.So I suggest add extra two wagons one wagon of Manor House to this card to make it more valuable.

Virginia company: 35% cost reduction of Manor House.

Suggested merging with another underpowered card‘Team fast building house’.

Estates : The Manor House now slowly produce villagers.AGE4.

Move it to AGE3.

By that logic, let’s look at other nations.At present, Portugal can only get a good experience in the treaty game, while Spain and the Dutch are almost the bottom.So these three nations can get some powerful cards appropriately, to make the whole game more balanced.


Northwest Passage: Coureurs’damage against treasure guardians increased by 3 times, speed increased by 20%.AGE1.

It’s a great design.With Wildness Warfare card it can form a unique set of tactics.But the biggest contradiction is that if Coureurs are going to collect treasures, they will lose normal resources, which may not be worth the loss. Especially in the AGE1 against time.So the actual value of this card is far less than 3 Coureurs card or 300 resourse cards.

Suggest deliver 1 additional Coureurs.

Wildness Warfare: Coureurs and natives have 20% increased health.AGE2.

It’s also a interesting card that reflects the French national character, but in the case of small-scale army in the AGE2,the value of the direct army cards is much higher than that of the enhanced cards.

Suggest deliver 1 additional Coureurs,too.


Unction: Missionary now increase the attack power of nearby units by 5%.AGE2.

Increase 5% to 10%. 1~2 extra missionaries.

Colonial Estancias: Towncenter supporting 80 populations.AGE3.

Add an extra Towncenter Wagon.That might make the card overpowered, but given Spain’s weak position,yeah, they do need a overpowered card.


Germantown Farmers:Mill can train Settlerwagon.AGE3.
Move to AGE2.Using this card equals a direct loss of 700 wood and get nothing.So even if we change it to AGE2, the card will not work in 1V1 games.However, this will allow it to be useful in 3V3 or 4V4 games.

Palatine Settlements: Housing support for 30 population. AGE2.

Add one House Wagon.


House of Braganca: Free Technology Upgrades in Tradingpost.AGE3.

Move to AGE2 and add an extra tradingpost wagon.

White Fleet: Each dock automatically produces four Spawnboats.AGE4.

WTF??? Just move to AGE2 and give the spawnboats a certain amount of attack power.

Donatarios : Towncenter construction limit +2

Change to Portuguese national innate characteristics and delete this card.

Bandeirantes: Two additional explorers.AGE4.

Move to AGE2. This is a good card in the Treaty games.Move it to AGE2 have no effect in the treaty games, but will greatly enhance the Portuguese experience in the normal games.


Tulip Speculation :Banks are 15% more efficient at collecting gold.AGE4.

Move to AGE3.

Dutch East India Company: Health of bank increased by 100%, cost decreased by 15%.AGE2.

Cost reduction increased from 15% to 30%

Military Reforms: Halberdier speed increased by 20%.Damage against infantry reduced by 25%.AGE3.

Cancel the damage reduction against infantry.


Mosque Construction : The price of technology in mosque dropped by 33%.AGE3.

Technology prices fell from 33% to 50%.Mosque health increased by 100%.

It is also recommended to add an unlimited Spahi card in AGE4,for the fun of 3V3 and 4V4~


Conscript Sepoys: Turn +1 villager addition card effect into two musketeers.AGE2.

In the most tense AGE2,The effect of this card is too slow.It is recommended to deliver extra 2~3 musketeers when used this card.

The Raj: Villagers’cost change from wood to food.AGE2.

“Exotic Hardwoods” or “Woodworking” is much better than this. Add extra 200~300 food box to this card.

Grazing: Camels can produce food and elephants can produce wood.AGE2.

The effect of this card is extremely low.In most PVP games,It’s about equal to 1~2 villagers.It is recommended to multiply its effect by three or four.

Call to Arms: call very a few army when building be destroyed.AGE2.

Poor but fun card.Double the effect.


Warroir Culture: Villagers attack power increased by 200%.AGE4

I really can’t understand what effect the 200% increase in attack power of the poor villagers in the AGE4 has.Treaty only? Just move it to AGE2.

Adoption: Increase training speed of in villagers by 25%.AGE3.
Move to AGE2.

Through the above changes, AOE3DE is about to get more interesting.It’s not 100% balanced, but it’s better than before.And most importantly, the gameplay become richer and more joyful.The characteristics of each nation are more distinct.Can bring more surprises to the old players.
At last sorry for my poor English.Almost whole the post was translated from Chinese by Google.

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yeah no, this card is already 1 of the best cards in the game.

not all cards need to have equal value in the same situations, 6 musketeers might be better in 1 vs 1 but is it better in 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4, well maybe but regardless the card doesn’t need a change.

also this would make it 1 of the absolute best cards in the game, 20 pop and 2 villagers plus free heals? too much.

no, the card is amazing as it is.

if anything this card should be removed, its OP.

cards aren’t meant to be 100% balanced, they are meant to give clear reasons for them to be used.

honestly i dont really know what to think about this, i cant imagine that this is what 1 vs 1 players want and it straight up would make balance worse in team and treaty games.

Consider listing the cards you try to even out with instead of boosting all other cards. Certain cards could need a nerf.

I second some of your observations, but have gone for different ideas in earlier posts:

  • The TC wagon could additionally provide 1 settler (when your HC hits lvl 40), this would even the value compared to 1000 wood Crates, as the crates are way more diverse in their usefulness.

Age I Cards can have some existence if playing from Nomad Age or in the custom map ‘Lost’ :slight_smile:

Nomad Age Alterations:
Currently: The Ottoman TC builds extra slow in Nomad Age, without having any explorational bonuses or alike in that age.

  • Grant Ottoman a market cart or a fishing boat or an explorational bonus to compensate for their slow TC construction in Nomad Age.

Cards needing revisement:

• Thoroughbreeds:

Reduce the Training Time reduction so as to prevent insta-cav-spam. (Church upg + ’Riding School Card’ + Thoroughbreds = 0 sec to train Cuirassiers.

• Ranching (Cows)


I would suggest these buildings; Livestock Pen, Farm & Village, to gain the ability of unlocking trainables of any pair of livestock you already got tasked.
Result: You can ship a cow shipment and henceforth train cows. Ex 5 Cows

Cows || 1 upg (300 Rss) || building (250 Rss) || 80food per cow
This lowers the absurd cost of having to send 1 shipment, get 1-2 Livestock pens, their upgrade and 10 to 20 livestock; 1350 // 2400 Rss + lost Shipment
To; 950 // 1900 + lost Shipment.

• Missing card:

Ottoman gaining/editing a card/built-into-card to quicker train their Jannisaries.

Missing Card:
• ”5 Fortifications”

Age III, HC 25
Ships 5 Fort-Piece-rickshaws which can transform into Fort-wall/Center or joint into a Fort.
(Max 1 center, or 1 fort, does not add Fort Build Limit).
Available to Europeans, & Chinese (own version).


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It seems DE already have some good changes in the test.Wish there will be more.

º Resurrect

I would like to see more viceroyalty cards added for European civilizations.

For example, Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata, Viceroyalty of Brazil, Viceroyalty of Peru, etc.

Another thing that I would like is for the revolutions to have immigration cards.

There are some cards that I think should be merged or changed, but I already commented on my opinion on the subject in this post. :smile:

I actually think many age 1 cards other than economic ones should be revisited.
Because age 1 is short, you can only send 2 cards at most, and there is no reason to send anything other than vils/resources/economic upgrades (despite some very occasional builds like treasure or scout rush).
As a result, all other age 1 cards are effectively age 2 or later cards. Now because they have the same value as age 1 cards (300 resources), most look very underpowered.
But the other side of the problem is, if they value more than 300 resources, they will become too powerful in age 1.

I think the Spanish logistician and the new Italian Roman tactics cards are good models to solve this dilemma (of course Roman tactics is an age 4 card but the same idea can be applied). The card still delivers 300 resource value when sent in age 1, but gives an additional bonus in a later age (or there is some way to make it do so).
For example, the explorer cards: give the combat buff, an ability and a dog at age 1, then give another buff (or even a second explorer) at age 3 or 4.

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Perhaps the best option is to merge economy-boosting shipments with villager shipments, i clarify, someone mentioned to me that it would seem fine only in first-age shipments, he may be right.