Some suggestions on Chinese

  1. Changdao(长刀) can obtain AOE capability through the card of era4 (similar to “solingensteel” in Germany).

PS: since this is a card that can only be issued after reaching era4, and it costs gold coins, it will not damage the balance of the game. At the same time, it will bring many benefits: it will make the positioning difference between Changdao and qiangpikeman more obvious, greatly increase the fun of the Entertainment Bureau in the later stage, and remedy the lack of a powerful front row meat shield in the later stage of Chinese.

  1. change the “mercirontroop”(铁军) from a light infantry to a heavy infantry, making it a “heavy infantry using bows and arrows”. It uses a broadsword in close combat and is full of Chinese characteristics, just as the new Musketeers use a halberd and the Japanese Musketeers use a spear.

PS: whether it’s pure melee anti cavalry infantry or light long-range infantry, Chinese is not short of but redundant. The relatively versatile heavy infantry is just what Chinese lacks. Changing the “mercirontroop” from light infantry to heavy infantry can give Chinese more tactical choices. Moreover, since mercirontroo is a mercenary unit and cannot be mass produced, it will not have a negative impact on the game balance.

  1. “porcelaintower” increases its income with the evolution of the times.

PS: the revenue of the porcelainetower depends on the times when it was built. Obviously, the earlier it is built, the less it is worth. This undoubtedly limits the players’ choice of wonders and is not conducive to the diversified development of tactics (they are used to putting the porcelainetower last). Therefore, it is suggested that the porcelainetower can increase revenue with the times. This upgrade can be free, or it can be upgraded like a factory.

  1. add the “treasureship” in the campaign to the conventional mode, so that it corresponds to the “battle ship” of European countries (about this name, I am not sure what it is called in the English version).

Eastern countries, especially China, have a unique ship system, and it is obviously inappropriate for such countries to use European warships. However, “treasureship” is a ready-made model that can be used, which can not only make full use of the model resources in the game, but also highlight the characteristics of civilization. For the introduction of “treasureship”, to replace “battleship”, which can be the same as the data, You can also make a difference in HP, speed and the number of cannons,and make “treasureship” integrate the functions of “battleship” and “monitor”.

PS: if the production team adopts this suggestion, please don’t forget to animate the sail for the treasureship!
Behold, The strongest confrontation between civilizations:isn’t this the most epic scene of AOE series?
(picture from 模块总预习)



These ideas are interesting . but as Chinese, I think the design of China Civilization is already sophisticated now. I think it will be better to let the devs focus on developing new contents

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Rich content is the characteristic of AoE3. I think if these contents can be added, it will make this game more interesting.

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Thank you for your support!!

Man I really love Iron Troops right now but I can’t deny that they can be redundant in the overall China context. The first time I used them and saw their pic I actually thought they worked as you propose here (the spear is very misleading).

As for the porcelain tower I think it should have access to producing XP and Export as a single resource, as you can do with the rest. For balance, the math should be done by taking the distribution of resources when you task it to ‘‘all resources’’ as a reference, then amplified to its equivalent.


These ships are similar in size and are very suitable for rivals of the same level!

They should change the flag as content are rarely from the Qing Dynasty. Dec knows nothing about China than some foreign depictions and bs

Do you think the white yurts in the village are too abrupt?
They look very ugly in the wooden buildings.

Some suggestions on Chinese