Some suggestions to buff the Cumans

Becasue their bonus with more speed will fill the role without bracer in late game, and their power spike will be very deadly with a big of death ball of CA will be hard to deal with.

Their basic stats still so weak, 4 attack and 5 attack for Elite is just laughable especially with the lack of bracer, their ROF is slower than the generic CA, at least making it 1.9 will make sense for a CA unit.

If nothing then the ROF for sure need to be less than 2.2, 2.2 ROF for a CA is really awful. But still 4 attack and 5 for Elite with lack of bracer make the unit so weak.

and yet even despite the 2.2 rate of fire, pros consider it one of the best unique units in the game. Hera called it S Tier before the nerf and A Tier post nerf.

yeah, its almost like it fires multiple arrows, so the base damage has to be lower. and it also only costs 35 gold each, and the elite upgrade costs no gold.

And yet it is the worst mounted range unit in the game with weakest stats, literally die ez to anything and barely do damage else in very very big numbers which make them not that practical. It seems people overestimate the Kipchak. I prefer going with Cumans normal CA esepcially if my suggestion will be applied to give them 30% faster creating as a free bonus.

it literally is also the cheapest of them, you expect something cheaper to be better?

if this was true the pros wouldn’t consider it as good as it is, so maybe you should consider how you are playing with them.

or maybe you just don’t know what you’re doing.

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No I don’t expect cheaper to be better but at least be worthy.

Yeah and the pros lose every time they go with them, how many times you see Cumans in tournaments?! And their winrate is the worst at all levels. Think, think Mat! They are not Mangudai!

Worthy like the HCA upgrade?


and it is - if you account for the fact that they cost almost half the gold of most cav archers.
it literally costs 35 gold each. compare that to the 65 gold for the mangudai.
it also only trains in 20 seconds, unlike the mangudais 26 seconds.

and you think the reason cumans suck and aren’t good in tournaments is because their unique unit? or maybe it’s because their eco bonus is beyond bad and easily punished on open maps.

consider this. last year in the arena tournament Viper lost two games before the grand finals.
just two. one was to hera. the other was to a guy named running. who played as cumans. and went mass kipchak. the only change to Kipchak since then? reducing the frame delay.

one of the games viper lost to tatoh in the grand finals? also against cumans. and he went mass kipchak.
funny how they saw plenty of use on a closed map like arena and were good but are bad on open maps.

I do think, and do research, that’s how i know kipchaks are good units, unlike you, who seems to think the reason cumans are bad is because Kipchak, despite all the evidence of pros using them.

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CA without bracer are just bad in imp. No matter how fast they create. This is like having a couple of extra archery ranges so bascially it’s +1 attack and range vs saving some wood.

Idk you can repeat stats but just play the unit and you’ll probably see. Stats are tricky with things like multiple arrows so they obviously they do more damage than 4.

eh it has an advantage people don’t normally think about with creation speed.
faster creation means that they get to the fight faster then the opponents unit does. which is an advantage in itself. i think people underestimate this value.

I agree, that cumans are pretty bad in 1v1s, but if you make 1 post every day, devs won’t take it seriously. You literally can’t have a firm opinion on something if you make posts so often, an opinion on a civ takes few month to form, not 1 day

okay since you decided to open this for me.
world desert championship. which ended literally last month.

at 2 hours we have tatoh as cumans. and gasp. guess what he’s using? Kipchaks.

clown cup 3 viper vs running.

tatoh vs modri

tatoh vs viper.


on open maps anyway. any change to them should be a change that doesn’t impact closed maps where they are solid.

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they need some open 1v1 map buff though. The fact they’re decent in arena is something we all agree on I think

that i agree on. but the op was acting as if the reason they are bad is becaus the kipchak.

I believe some pro could win even with long swordsmen only in imperial age, but that doesn’t make them good units.
Using pro players as a benchmark doesn’t seem a very good idea in regard to the vast majority of the playerbase.

Not against an equally skilled player he can’t. No offense but your statement is kind of silly by that logic huskarls are OP because new players will keep making archers against them

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okay but then basically we’d have to rebalance archers completely.
look at lower skill levels and what do you see? cavalry dominate because they are very attack and patrol move friendly. whereas archers are not.

so how do you propose we balance archers around both pros and casuals?

depends who they are playing against. i don’t think hera would use them against viper as an example.