Some suggestions to buff the Cumans

As you know the Cumans now considered the worst civ in the game at all ELOs and at +1650 ELO and even at pros levels, after their major nerf the civ is completely dead, and here some suggestions to buff them:

  • TC build time reduced by 20s or 25s OR feudal TC 50% cheaper.
  • Kipchak rate of fire reduced to 1.9 (was 2.2).
  • Kipchak receive +1 base attack; Elite +1 base attack.
  • Stable units 5% faster start in feudal. (Was 5% each age).
  • Receive Husbandry technology (which means their units in castle age will be 15% faster after researching it or give it to them for free).
  • Scout Cavalry line, Steppe Lancers and Cavalry Archers are created 30% faster.
  • Steppe Husbandry UT give now 50% created for Scout Cavalry line, Steppe Lancers and Cavalry Archers (was 100%).

So what do you think?

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Are they? I figure you are talking about stats? Doesn’t necessarily mean they are the worst civ. They indeed became quite unpopular but if you are able to feudal boom like on closed maps they have a lot of potential. Still, I agree they don’t really scale up that well into late game so some changes could be good.

That would certainly help on open maps. Problem is just that on boom maps they get buffed in what they already excel in.

Don’t think Kipchaks need a buff. Maybe for late game but tbh if you have a large mass which is totally doable they are still very effective.

Some time ago someone suggested them losing chemistry and giving them bracer as a replacement. I still like that idea. A bit unconventional but since they don’t gunpowder imo that would fit them well. This way they could play cav archers and have better skirms in late game. Easiest solution to their problem imp.

Nah they already have speed advantage.

I like the idea as a civ bonus (shouldn’t apply for scouts though). But dopplung up with civ bonus and UT isn’t a good design. Maybe would be best to entirely replace the UT. Also giving steppe lancers some usable role in the game could be an idea.

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They already get free Husbandry, they get 10% faster Cavalry in the Castle Age, which amounts exactly to free Husbandry, it is the same exact effect.

They have an UT for this, and it is already a strong one. they can literally spam Hussars faster than non-Goths can Halberdiers to defend.

You didn’t get it. They start 5% feudal, with Husbandry in castle they will get +10% more, which means 15% faster in castle not 10%.

Yeah and this what I suggested, is to split their UT, give them free 30% and the UT will give them 50% more.

Only in imp.

You mean give it to CA/Steppe-lancer but not scouts? Or maybe all of them but start castle age?

No. They get a total of +5% in Feudal, and a total of +10% in Castle. The +10% does not add up to the +5% of the previous Age, it replaces it.

This can be easily verified in the game.

They do in feudal age already. In castle age they also have the advantage of not to have research the upgrade.

Yeah could work as well. I’m just a fan of having the same bonuses for several civs and you already have faster stables for huns. But as a said having similar effects from civ bonus and UT is just a super lazy design.

It seems until now you didn’t understand what I am talking about. Cumans have 5% speed each age, 5% feudal, 5% castle, 5% imp, so 15% total, in castle age they will be 10%. My suggestion is to give them their total (15%) in castle age, did you get it?!

Yeah I know but it was just a suggestion to make their full speed in castle age not in imp.

It is not the same; Huns stables work 20% faster, this will include their knights but Cumans not. We could make it 30% for CA and Steppe, then their UT will include the scout line later, and the 30% for scouts start in castle age.

Kipchak is the worst CA in the game, the castle Kipchak have 4 attack and the elite one have 5 and they lack bracer (like what the hell?!) They die to normal CA or even to CA that don’t have FU, their ROF is the worst, and their attack is the weakest.

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Oh okay but I don’t think it’s a good idea. They have some advantage in each eage from feudal onwards. Shouldn’t be further buffed imo since there are situations where that’s way too strong like when you make camels vs knights.

Not the same but similar. I mean these ideas could be implemented but in the end it always depends on what changes go along with that. I just don’t like that UT since it’s useless for ca, useless for lancers atm.

They are fast, easy to micro, fire multiple arrows and super cheap. It’s a strong unit in castle age.

This topic is not about ban, your comment is off-topic, and I am LightCav it seems you confuced me with someone else.

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Yeah I think 15% speed in castle seems OP. Ok so this decision will not work.

Yeah this is why I suggested to split 30% for free. Imagine CA in castle age with 30% faster training time, their power will be very deadly same for steppe lancers too.

And die to anything.

also as a question is it 5% movementspeed in feudal castle and imp aswell as husbandry

My idea was to make their full speed 15% in castle, but it seems OP.

i mean 15% from feudal to imp would be ok but then they cant have husbandry

Yeah sure. The Husbandry tech suggestion was by removing their free +10%, and make it only +5% speed start in feudal, so by getting the tech again in castle they will be 15% full speed in castle, not their full speed in imp.

Well, why even bother making ca when you don’t have bracer. Only scenario would be all in castle but for this strat knights and siege is better than ca.

They kill knights and other cav. They might be the single best counter to siege in castle age. They are good at raiding. With decent micro they perform well against any unit in castle age. They don’t do great vs archers but they can avoid the fights snipe single units and force your opponent to keep army in same spot cuz otherwise they can just jump on them. If there is a reason not to make kipchaks it’s usually either that you don’t have a castle or you want to go for an imp play where they aren’t as effective anymore.

imagine thinking one of the best unique units in the game, that is downright dirt cheap needs buffs.
maybe at elite i could see it, but normal Kipchak is amazing.

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