Some suggestions

1.The UI style looks very different from the game style(blue may be better for science fiction).
2.I hope we can choose to cancel “units’ speed forced to the same" at game or in settings.
3.The wall of Chinese looks a bit like western wall.
4.The arrow looks too fat. Even if the enemy is close to archers, they still keeping their bows over 60°, which makes they are aiming at the target 300m far away.
5.The lance charging and spear defencing in the video look not lethal.
6.Siege weapon are fully automatic. They need someone to operate.


More detail on units, less color and more realism.

Walls are really good.

The graphics are very colorful - children’s


  1. thing

What do you think about graphics?
It is very colorful, children’s, painted.

It would make it a little rougher. Less colorful. Less childish.

And the second thing:
The arrows are too big. And they fly a little weird.
What do you think of arrows?

Thanks for the feedback.

Otherwise, I really like everything else.

I love this game.

I like both cartoon and realistic style, but I can’t bear exaggerate and unreasonable. I like the style that cartoon and real. I’m very excited that in AOE4, soldiers can stand on the wall(which only happened in StrongHold and other games I forget names), cavalry charging, and spearman
put their spear on the ground to defend.
I think arrows in line with the laws of Physics or just not too unreasonable.
I realy realy love this game!
hope play it now

  1. Have you seen the Great Wall of China? I think walls are okey.
  2. Arrows I totally agree with you. I got disappointed first time I watched the video. All I could see was these clunky oversized vobbly arrows.

The game looks great

I think game is pretty good but arrows look too fat. Many people say it’s like a mobile game, but if you put the mobile game image and the age of empires 4 image side by side, you will know the difference. I think there will be color settings in the game, this way the game becomes more beautiful. after all aoe3 also had a color setting and aoe4 also happens

There is a little difference in the game. This is the ancient city wall of China.


The decorations and tiles in the ancient Chinese buildings in the game look like temples, which is a bit strange. I’ll send you some pictures to distinguish them. They are Tang, song, yuan and Ming.


The wall tower have cross window

7.Cavalry charging hits enemy “boom” looks unreasonable. “boom" happen when the man wearing whole body plate armour or take shield. It should be insert in body or cut meat when he wear no armour.
8.I think there will be a setting that only siege weapon can damage to the city wall, which likes StrongHold did. No matter torch or swords are unreasonable
9.from AOE1 to AOE3, speed and acceleration of units are very strange. They just like floating on the ground sometimes. AOE4 looks much better, but still a little strange especially cavalry. I hope we can cancel “units’ speed forced to the same" to in case strange movement.

Yes yellow UI would be better for sure.

Walls are good imo

The Chinese architecture design is completely fine. Not so sure about that cross window you mentioned.

Walls are fine, wish other buildings were slightly larger. Some of them feel quite flat and small.

Both the chinese and the indian walls have some Christian crosses which make them look really odd. They should change those symbols to something more appropriate for their culture.

I say christian because their sides are not isometric, the horizontal line is a little higher. Thats how christian crosses are to resemble the crosses of crucifixion



Exactly like AoE3. It should match the aesthetics of the game more.

They are oversized but also fire at a really weird speed.

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yes thats true … its really bad thing when you see the game you waiting it like that …

  1. The lance charging and spear defencing in the video look not lethal.

A lance blow isn’t always lethal. There is more to it than that though. They need to be able to balance these different unit types which takes a lot of playtesting. Maybe they arrived at the conclusion that a lance charge that decimates the first unit it hits is a bit too strong.

Still, I wish that there would be some visual indication of the strength behind the charge. Like having affected enemies stumble/get knocked down. Even if there is no bonus to their damage. This could be an okay middle ground.

I would have to be able to play the game to know what the balancing looks like :wink:

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Great wall of India

They did seem to take the easy way out for walls. While every other building is unique, the walls seem the same for all civs except for the towers. This is a problem on the Delhi walls where the towers use the correct merions yet the wall segments go to a more medieval theme, but should continue the same deign motif.