Some suggestions

Some thoughts:

Option to force enemies who’ve lost to surrender

When people lose, they are likely to become trolls and do a lot of crazy things to hide around the map and prolong games they’ve lost. Yes, the goal is to kill every single one of the enemy’s units, but this gets ridiculous and you already know who’s won. How about giving the victors some kind of option to make the enemy surrender under the conditions that:
1.) all their other teammates have resigned
2.) the remaining enemy have less than 5 units left
It could be in the form of a tech in the TC or some UI option to vote someone out. Idk. But it will definitely help stop people from wasting other people’s times.

Implement something like this?
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AI Improvement in skirmish treaty games

I think the AI has certainly improved. Kudos to that. However, although they are good at fighting and targeting players’ forward bases, they don’t build forward bases for themselves and continue to march units all across the map in order to fight (which is extremely inefficient). And they don’t build walls, so I’ve found that it is extremely easy to beat the extreme AIs with just a massive cav sweep into their base. Then it quickly dominoes after that. This would also mean that the AIs should know how to repair walls as well if they’re broken to simulate a more realistic game and to increase the difficulty.
I know a small portion of AOE3 players like to play offline or custom games online with some friends against the AIs. This would definitely make their games much more realistic and enjoyable.

Improve AI in this aspect?
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Re-implementation of the old rank system, or improvement on the current one, to improve player skill balancing in custom lobbies

It’s still extremely frustrating to lose games due to such vast skill disparities between good and bad players. If you’ve played The Asian Dynasties on ESO, it’s like mixing a Lance Corporal with a Sergeant and 2nd Lieutenant against a team of 3 Master Sergeants. It’s really bad, and it would have never flown by in the past.

It’s also not Call of Duty where 1 guy can carry the team, especially if there’s good players on the other team. Not everyone has available friends online all the time to go into team games - Continuing issue: Uneven skill disparity in custom team games. Beating a dead horse?

If not, at the very least please give us players a way to spot bad decks before letting people go in-game into a treaty game.

Player balancing is still a problem and needs help.
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For the first one, I think if a certain score discrepancy is met (I.e. team1 score > team2 score * 3) then a count down starts before the game will force a resign unless team 2 can get the scores back closer

I hope that after ai is hit hard, the revolution will make a final counterattack, instead of the people running around.

its a MUST needed feature

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