Some Suggestions

Native Allies

All civs should have a homecity card that grants them an alliance with a minor ally regardless of map, not just the United States and the Inca. The options should be based on what native mercenaries the civ can ship from the homecity, such as Cherokee for the British.

Some should also get new options for shipping native mercs (and thus embassy allies). For example, the Spanish should be able to ship Zapotec and Mapuche allies, not just Maya allies, and the Ottomans should receive War Elephants.

Here are my suggestion for what new native shipments existing civs should get.
Dutch - Sufi
Ottomans - Sufi
Portuguese - Carib
Russians - Klamath
Spanish - Zapotec, Mapuche
Japanese - Jesuit

Native Embassy

The Native Embassy should have a different appearance on civilization architecture, it stands out, especially on Asian maps, as being out of place.

Steam Power

European Civs (as well as Indians) should get an option, either via a card or a technology, to upgrade their Caravels (+Galleys) and Galleons (+Fluyts) to Sloops and Steamers. It should work like the Tupac Revolution card, transforming existing units, but with the added effect of removing the old ships from the Dock and enabling the new ones.


There should be some specific South American mercenaries, rather than using the Wild West ones for South American maps, the same way Indian and East Asian maps have separate outlaws.

Consider the Pirate to this new South American list, as it’s the only Outlaw not belonging to one of the three types (Wild West, Maratha, or Wokou), and remove it from maps which feature the Wild West group.

The rest of this South American outlaw set can consist of additional types of pirates, one armed with a pistol and one armed with a rifle. Someone more clever than me can come up with a name for them.


  • There should be an outlaw Canoe for American maps and American maps should have water treasures.
  • There should be a rework of treasures which grant Native Warriors to grant the normal versions of the units instead of the outdated Minor Civ versions. The Minor civ Eagle Warriors has outdated tags and modifiers.
  • Rework the human treasure guardians to include new South American outlaws on South American maps (if new outlaws are added).


  • Rework John Black’s Mercenaries with the new Swedish cards that enable Mercenaries to be trained at normal buildings, since mercenaries is the theme of the civilization.
  • Rework the United States, Falcon Company, and Holme’s outlaws to actually use new American units.
  • Fix the Consulate options for the TAD campaigns, the Chinese are still receiving Treasure Guardian Blind Monks instead of normal version from their Chinese Mercenaries Relations, while all of the other mercs and outlaws trained at their Consulate are the Repentant versions. And the Indian Blockhouse from the Russian Consulate option still can’t train units.

The Mohawk Statesman

Rework this card to give something more substantial, a scout is nice but not a good reason to pick this card over The Adventurer or The Marksman for the civs that get it. Maybe have it enable the old Iroquois Minor Civ at the Native Embassy for players that chooses it? Or give it the same effect as the old Iroquois League tech, with the added benefit that you can also research Iroquois Warrior Societies and Champion Iroquois… somewhere. Maybe at the Barracks?


Would be cool if it allowed Mantlets to be trained at the Native Embassy, permanently. Tomahawks are not very necessary, since you get Musketeers on every civ that has Mohawk Statesman, but the ability to train Mantlets, and making them benefit from Blood Brothers, would be cool for Native Allies deck strategies.

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Maybe! the Iroquois native Mantlets are pretty good (identical to the Huron Mantlets), but they’ve got only a build limit of 5, unlike the Huron Mantlets’ 10 (30 with the Huron Sun Ceremony).

Not getting Tomahawks and getting only 5 Mantlets might not be enough. Also, the native Tomahawk isn’t so much a variant Musk as it is a weaker Dragoon on foot. Its modifiers and resistance type fall more in line with Dragoon-type units, despite it not being Shock Infantry.

Outlaws exclusive to South America would be very interesting.

This forum is not very active even though it has very good ideas.

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This was my suggestion for him:

He represents a westernizing influence on the natives and could swap their wood cost for coin.

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I also believe that many natives should cost gold and not wood. Although I think many would make more sense if they cost wood like archers.