How to make the native semi-civ more useful?

There are many native peoples that only have one type of unit available. Some kind of more unit could be added in those towns. For example, the Mapuche did not have cavalry in the base game. You could add 2 or 3 different types of unit in each town, for example the Zapotecs and the Mayans could have an archer or shock infantry unit.

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all aztec ranged units are archers too. Macehualtin, eagle runners and arrow knights, then cav archers, some mercenaries (manchu and iron troops for instance) . you actually picked one of the best native upgrades to showcase as an example of a bad one, unfortunately. Only dutch and india don’t have any archer units at all iirc. I will have to check african civs too but i think javelin riders and some of the infantry units are archers too

it also works for archer cavalry, like russian tartar horsemen.

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You forgot one, only Dutch, India and US don’t have archers.

Trade with native populations in the old style of previous games. A cart that goes from the market to the native villages and vice versa.

Other ways to improve the alliance with the natives would be:

The natives who use firearms or metallic weapons such as spears, swords or pikes would cost gold instead of wood.

If the natives with whom you are allied use firearms, but your civilization does not use firearms or have access to the arsenal, then in that town some improvements will appear associated with those that would be in an arsenal.

The capitol upgrade ‘Deforestation’ makes wood in the markets much cheaper, and the trading posts give you much more wood. Useful to be able to create natives that would continue to consist of wood if many of them cost gold.

The upgrade ‘legendary native warriors’ increases the native embassy limit by +1 and natives are created faster. (In addition to your current benefits).

That in particular isn’t a bad idea really. The only issue I see is Native Warriors are already strong in the early game and the late game. If natives need a major buff anywhere, it’s in the midgame.

En mi opinión los nativos podrían tener su propia IA y producción de recursos.

Tendría que costar alimento y oro por segundo, si no pagamos el puesto comercial se destruye, Las mejoras nativas las tenemos que pagar nosotros para aumentar la eficacia de sus ataques, Solo podría haber un asentamiento de nativos por mapa pero mas grande y tendría acceso a mas unidades.

De esta manera los nativos seria una facción Independiente a la cual aliarnos.

Espero que les guste la idea. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I actually like it, but not in this context. AI would not do the things you would expect it to do.

For campaigns or things like that, yes.

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La idea es que la IA junte unidades y ataque al oponente, nosotros podríamos ver que hace la IA (porque somos sus aliados) y ayudarla o aprovechar la distracción.

No hará lo que queramos pero nos ayuda debilitando a nuestro enemigo, una forma de darle ordenes seria que la IA siempre mueva las unidades donde este la bandera de reclutamiento


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It could be a new game mode. In that case the natives would be free and there would be a fever to control the TP. Similar to RISK maps.


Dado que solo debería haber un puesto de nativos con mayor población supongo que un modo de juego nuevo no es una mala idea.

Próximamente DOTA pero con nativos :laughing:

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Una opción para hacer a los nativos rentables de inmediato, podrían producir aldeanos mas baratos que los del jugador o que recolecten mas rápido los recursos naturales.

10 aldeanos por aliado nativo y quizás que puedan construir algunas estructuras nativas (casas y cuarteles).

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You could use the Native Embassy building on minor civs instead of a trading post and not have to add anything new

The Native Lore card could have the additional effect of swapping their wood cost for gold. And the Mohawk Statesman politician could grant the same effect.

No TP constructed on the native settlements, no native embassy available.
You pay resources to construct the TP already. Are you willing to pay more to construct the native embassy for the benefit of training the units at the place you wish only?

The native embassy is not the key of the problem of the semi-civs at all.

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I think you are misunderstanding what I am trying to say.

It would make more sense if Trade Posts were limited to being built on trade routes exclusively and only serve that purpose.

Native Embassies could then replace Trade Posts as the building that is constructed on the settlement sockets (and serve the exact same function when built there). But they could also retain their current function and enable the training of all allied natives (and outlaws for some civs) when you build them separate from a native settlement socket.

You could make it so the Advanced Trade Post card affects both buildings and trade post wagons could construct both. But you could also make the building attributes different such as making embassies cheaper.

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Would like to bring this up again.
From my understanding the only civs that have viable natives are those that can control what they get (Inca, US, Mexico), very much like mercs.
Again this can remain as a unique bonus for those civs, but other civs could get something similar but weaker:

  • Constructing a trade post on minor settlements will give a native embassy wagon (like in NE)
  • Other civs have one or two “default” native allies in their native embassy, which can correspond to their native merc cards (which imo also need some updates), and may be unlocked through those native merc cards.
  • Trade post on minor settlements gives a small resource/xp trickle (this may be risky)

I think the reason is that 200w is not a small investment in the early game, even if the natives are incredibly good (limited number does not make a good core unit, so regular military buildings are always preferred).
In the late game (and maybe treaty) they can be a good addition, but that is rare and people (at least myself) do not have any spare attention for native settlements at that stage.


That was in Age of Sanctuary Fan Patch. But it would work only for the first time you ally with any native.

Agreed. I think that a small trickle is what suits it better. It might even be around the same as the Church but more balanced because it’s much more vulnerable.

Yeah, there have been quite a few suggestions to deal with that. It’s up to the devs now to pick one since the brainstorming has already been done!

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A slight trickle of experience, plus a passive buff would be enough to make it a good opening investment. (Like the consulate of the Asians)

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