Some things I want to see in AoE2 in the future

Regional monks and unique castles are the ones that I like to see the most, as well as new campaigns for existing civs and new terrain/scenario editor features.


And you even regard Mongols could share same castle set with Vietnamese?

They aren’t related ethnically, but both had been influenced by Sinitic styles. I could see Mongols having tents instead of houses, but they could share a similar castle with Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese.

Another possibility is to add a Tibetan/Tangut civ into the game, which Mongols will share their castle with.

Japanese too.

If we wanna change the skin of castles of the old civs, we should change every civs.
All 35 castles, no one should be ignored.


Japanese developed their own styles due to isolation, Japanese-style castles are quite unique and it’s wrong to call them Sinitic since you can’t find such castles anywhere in China. On the other hand Chinese-style fortified towns or forts (Tulou, Diaolou, etc.) are also quite different from what the Japanese have.

But I agree with you that we should probably also change the Japanese castle.

Are the Microsoft or forgotten empires people here present for read the suggestions? Especially about the monk resins.

Japanese architecture style actually was influenced by the Tang Dynasty.

Why their castle is special is that the location and environment let they have different war situation from the continent. Many mountains and civil wars, they need to build castles to control their people. Compare to them, Chinese basically had no so-called “castle”, they developed frontier towns to resist the nomad raiders who Japan was no there. No mention the Mongols, they even had no permanent fort.

Every civ or nations had its own situation and condition in the history, all of those make them different. Maybe someone is close to someone, but that is not a good reason to do unfair on the old civs sets. Since Burgundian castle is different from Frank one and now people suggest that every civ needs the new castle too, no reason to Mongols, Chinese, Koreas, Vietnamese keep sharing a same one.

We can only hope that the devs read this discussions. They hardly ever respond so we will never know.

They don’t have to respond, they do read. Not once did any dev reply to my numerous requests for Poland to be added. So I know they read and take action in scilense.

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Actually I had suggested letting the flaming camel trainable and introducing Burgundians to represent the medieval Low Lands too. 11

Just state your own idea, that is your right here.
No matter people support or oppose, people will read and think, that is enough.

Devs are former modders so they obviously look at forums and mods for inspiration and ideas.

Their temples and pagodas might be influenced by the Tang, but their castles are unique, developed largely during the Sengoku period in the 16th century, which was 6 or 7 centuries after the demise of the Tang.

Chinese didn’t have such castles because there was no elite warrior class in medieval China unlike in Japan or in Europe. However that doesn’t mean they didn’t have any defensive structures. From the hill forts or fortified villages/towns in Southern China to the rammed earth ramparts in Northern China, there’re plenty of structures to draw inspiration from when designing the Chinese or generic East Asian castle.

I support this thread. I’d love to see regional monks and castles at least.
But also it’s too much work. Maybe getting them little by little with future patches.


At least, unique castle…

more skin, better future.

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Death Animations for naval units is also needed.


Yes, they need to be slower and more realistic.

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