Some Turkish Localisations Mistakes!

I play the game with Turkish language. I find some mistakes or wrong term traslations. What can I do for get fixing them? I write here or can ı have turkish translation team e-mail adress? For example In the industrial age (4.Age) , guard janisaary is translated as " Nöbetçi Yeniçeri" to the Turkish language but this is wrong. It must be traslated as " Muhafız Yeniçeri"

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  • **GAME BUILD 100.12.27812.0 (158884)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

Hi @falcon0920, thank you for the report. For every localisation error you find you can make another post in this thread. I will then forward all of them to our localisation team to be looked at as I have also done with the Guard Janissary one :+1:.


Thank you for reply. I will write this thread what I find errors or suggestions. I will write English and Turkish for traslations team. This will give you ease to you. :slight_smile:


I find some mistakes or lack of letter:

1- In translation every nation have Guard units (hüssar, yeniçeri, cavalry acrhers". “Guard” must be translated as " Muhafız" not “Nöbetçi”
Her ulusta Guard birimleri var. Her ulustaki Guard kelimesi ile başlayan birimler tespit edilerek bu birimler Nöbetçi yerine " Muhafız" olarak çevrilmeli.

2- In Ottomans mosque research millet system, köprulü vezirler, kapalı çarşı description
“Settlers are produced faster.”

In turkish tranlation : “Yerleşimciler daha hızlı üretim yapar.” This is wrong. It must be translate “Yerleşimciler daha hızlı üretilir.”

Osmanlılarda cami araştırmalarında millet sistemi, köprülü vezirler ve kapalı çarşı araştırma detayı ingilizcesinde “Settlers are produced faster” iken “yerleşimciler daha hızlı üretim yapar” şeklinde çevrilmiş. Yanlış çeviri. “Yerleşimciler daha hızlı üretilir.” şeklinde çevrilmeli.

2- HAUDENOSAUNEE (CAUGHNAWAGA) nation short description, end of sentence have lack of letter. It must be “…kuvvettiler.”
HAUDENOSAUNEE (CAUGHNAWAGA) ulusu kısa tanımında, cümlenin sonunda “r” harfi eksikliği var. Yani cümle “… kuvvettiler.” şeklinde bitmeli.

I wrote here some Turkish localisation errors but I see that they arent fixed last beta patch. I see that devs dont want to fix that. It cant be helped.

New patch and nothing changed. This cant be too diffucult to change. If I know Turkish translation e-mail adress, I can send these mistakes and They can change easly. Also new dlc hasnt been translated fully. There are some untranslated sentences.

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Turkish translations mistakes havent been solved. I am so annoyed when I see these mistakes. Please solve turkish translations mistakes.

I saw that these mistakes are in the upcoming patch. Please fix these translations mistakes.

These mistakes are still in the game. Please devs fix them.

Poor you…
Sadly translations are outsourced, and take alot of time to get fixed :frowning:

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Nevermind… Try creating a new thread.

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Are there any devs listen to me? Turkish localisation mistakes are still in the game and these mistakes are really annoying. Please fix it.

Devs and Microsoft : who cares? :rofl:

Yes they actually say that but I trying my chance :rofl:

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haha, fair enough,

I hope they will add all the features the community is asking for,
including fixing translations, hotkeys, and zoom support :slight_smile:

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I agree man. I know and agree all of community requests. I hope they will add these features. :slight_smile:

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it seems devs care nothing about localisation, no matter in what language
in chinese localisation, some mistakes fixed several months ago but show up again in latest patch

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There are still turkish localisation errors at last patch. These errors are so ridicilious and annoying. Please devs fix them all othervise I will write here these errors until you fix it. :slight_smile: