Some UI/UX suggestion

  1. Gate
    Let the mode of the gate able to be chosen at the foundation of the gate itself.
    It is unlocked by default, but the player can choose to lock it to avoid being opened by villagers when it is just built.

  2. Blacksmith
    One of the 3×3 tiles appears to be empty, which is sometimes misleading and prevents the location of Farms or other buildings. We can do something on the graphic, eg add something on that tile to remind the player.

  3. Fog
    Like buildings, fish, trees, and berry bushes, land animals and Relics in the fog should show where they were and what they did when they were last seen. It should not show real-time information such as moving, attacking, appearing, disappearing, or being killed.

  4. Gather Point
    Let the gather point of the buildings able to create a queue through Shift. This allows the unit to automatically go to A, then B, and then C, bypassing certain areas.

  5. Color
    Officially add colors and make it optional, not a mod.
    For example, the 7p player can be allowed to use brown or black instead of gray which is somehow hard to distinguish and too close to Gaia white.

  6. Fishing Ship
    Give the Fishing Ships more animation, instead of always statically put the fishing net. This helps tell if it is gathering food, building fish traps, or just being idle.

Btw, allowing Steppe Lancer’s spearhead to attack through gates, walls and trees is visually somehow strange.
But this is relatively unimportant however.

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not sure if that is possible with how stack units are designed. it would not be impossible but surely introduce problems.

better yet, give us elevation fog of war

definitely need this, but then how would other player see the color?

this is probably the easiest of the entire list, just an animation change. even modder could do that if they can render a 3d animation model.

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What are the problems?

It’s like making buildings able to block the sight, I doubt it’s technically possible. For example a unit on a slope may not be able to have a longer LoS on one side and a shorter LoS on the other.

Since it is the official color, if you choose brown, what the opponent sees on the other side is also brown.
Makes the color independent of the player. You can select player and color separately, so you could be red p1, purple p2, brown p7. When we need to distinguish teams through warm or cool colors in a match, we could add new cool colors to give players choices other than gray.

  1. Civilization Selection Interface
    Allows the player to choose how civilizations are sorted. This is very handy for non-Western players, since alphabetical ordering is relatively meaningless to us.
  • (Currently) sorted alphabetically.
  • Sort by the located region, such as Western Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe…
  • Sort by DLC release time, such as AoK, AoC, AoFE…
  • Sort by frequency of use.
  • Bring the most recently used one to the front.
  • Customize
  1. Campaign Interface
    Moves DLC campaigns from the separate pages to the regional pages. On the interface for those who have not purchased the DLC, the associated campaigns would be greyed out to show they are unavailable. Also, moves Art of War and Historical Battles to be separate pages.

  2. Queue in Foundations
    Buildings can have units and technology buttons when they are still foundations.
    The player can click in advance to allow the buildings to perform scheduled work as soon as they are built.

  3. Next Technology
    Allows the next tech to be clickable.
    For example, when I have Fletching in the queue of the Blacksmith, I could schedule Bodkin Arrow into the queue as the Age and resources allow. Once Fletching is done researched, Bodkin Arrow would follow automatically. If Fletching is cancelled, Bodkin Arrow would be automatically cancelled.


They need to show the flared location on the map too because clicking on the minimap doesn’t take you to the exact flared location.

Might make it possible to spam opponent and blind them so maybe a toggle for this (off/ ally only/ on for all)

  • Archer civs, cavalry civs, source civs, etc.

problem as in they may introduce bugs unintentionally because not enough testing. many bugs has came out because they changed things here and there and this doesnt seem like an easy changing knowing how the base engine works on stacked units.

elevation works quite different from unit/buildings in game so might not be as complicated as that. just a wishlist they can add that in for more variety but players who are use to the original game maybe against it.

that would require change in the engine as well but im sure its possible, just not sure if they’d bother to change something like this.

The logic is the same in my opinion, that is, allowing LoS no longer has a fixed radius at each angle.

  1. Box Formation
    When the current Box Formation has a large number of units, each type of unit is only arranged in one layer of box, which makes the entire formation appear too large, but there is a large area of blank space in the center. Please make it possible for the units to be arranged in several layers depending on the number of the units and the inside area arranging by other units.

  2. Unbuilt Foundations
    Adds a new graphic for the foundations of buildings, allowing players to clearly distinguish between 0% and 1%+ foundations.

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