Someone in the dev team help MBL please!

The guy has been one of the most active players in the AOE2 community for so many years and constantly top of the ladder. He even tries to close and open his game after every game. Today he has lost some 100+ points because of just disconnects after working so hard to reach the top 10 in the ladder after previously suffering a lot more disconnects.

His commitment to the game is the only thing that makes him continue trying after a month of so many disconnected games. I would have honestly just quit playing. Help the guy enjoy the game and continue to showcase his gameplay to the community. Its really depressing to see him try so many times and get disconnects.


Disconnects should be fixed for everybody, including him :slightly_smiling_face:


of course… not being biased… but the guy literally plays the game every minute he has free… and streams it as a profession and plays pro level… deserves some help


I have the same problem and a lot of people do :confused:
I really hope it’s gonna be fixed on this week’s patch. I believe in you devs <3 but if it’s not fixed and if there is still zero communication about it it’s gonna be really frustrating :confused:


I have allready made a post on MBL behalf on the bigger forum post regarding the disconnect issue.

It has to do with incomability or crash between AOE2 DE and his NETWORK ADAPTER. This is not his computers fault or internett issue. Its a bug/crash with DE - and DEVS are just not responding - not even to the big forum post with 100’s of replies…

There is several people confirming that the only workarround is using a different network card - or tweaking the network adapter. MBL’s best shoot for now is probably to buy a cheap USB network card and using that instead - which is totaly insane that you would have to do in order to just play the game the way its intended to be played. This is aoe2 DE teams responsibility and fault - and they need to release a fix or try to sort this out. They have given NO official response to these issue - even after receiving 100’s of replies on it.

Go to this forum post - and uppvote or repply! We need to get Microsofts attention in a collective way to make them understand how bad this issue actually is. It affects 1000’s of players. I bet you a meer 5% of players are going to bother to registed and report the issue here on the forums…


I still have the problem after the december patch, you guys :confused:


If it affects MBL it will be resolved, but let’s make the claim massive!

He was really frustrated during his 24h stream because of all the disconnects, I hate to hear him say that he wants to quit AOE2 because it annoys him too much. Playing voobly is not an option for him now that everyone is on DE.

By the way, when he did find a match on voobly he kept mentioning how good it feels to play on voobly compared to DE.