Someone quits game in first minutes and we are losing points

What is the logic in it ? Do you want us to play with missing player ? 3 out of my 4 games have a quitter.

You can still win 3 vs 4. And even if you don’t win, the experience you gain being the underdogs will improve your game a lot. I have also found that sometimes enemy teams start to relax when one of your players quit early, because they feel like they’ve already won. So you can go aggressive feudal flanks while your pocket walls up and FC, maybe focus on doing a 3v1 strategy on their weakest player to even the teams

i get what you are saying, but i dont queue for 5 min to play 3v4 and try to win against the odds. i want fair game or at least not to be punished with timeout by quitting a game that has already -1 player