Something that may help teamgames be a lot more interesting

I think the civ bonuses/abilities should be able to effect your teammates. Examples: HRE prelate inspire, Abbasid camel armor buffs to friendly units, RUS wooden fortress wood bonus, Warrior monk saints blessing, Mongols Yam network, English network of castles etc. I think all of these abilities should also effect nearby teammate units/villagers as well. It would open up some really cool synergy strats. Hope Relic sees this, as it seems like some abilities already work for team mates such as the Khan abilities.


If this can be done via mods, not bad

This already works …

But those two will be completely broken …

But otherwise its a great idea …

I would be for some civ-based bonuses aka did your RUS teammate got over 500 bounty? entire team gets +5% harvest rate …
Or did your HRE teammate managed to secure 3+ relics? U will get 10% of his income as well
I think it would support some team-cooperation even for randoms …
(Btw. there are some hidden ones already in the game like if u make mill as delhi/abbasid to your friend berries it will increase the berries from 250 —> 500 … its specially helpfull for HRE teammate who can inspire vills and is able to have fast gather on them)

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I really dont like your bonus idea with bounty, or shared relics. But for the already present abilities it makes sense. And no camels do not buff ally teamates units armor (like they do for your own nearby units). They only de buff cavalry.

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Yes it would only force use teamgames player brains I know why u dislike idea probably … aka is there rus in enemy team and not in ours? I should probably try to hunt animals so they dont get all the buff or is there HRE in our team? lets support him and help him collect relics so we can all benefits … yeah this is exactly what teamgames lacks on every ELO range … if players are randoms its just everybody is playing his own game with his own toys …

In past (last time I played teamgames like 1 month ago it worked even on allies. So u are fake news or it had to be removed. )

Same goes for Mongol AGE III landmark … it buffs + heals even untis of your allies

I play RUS. I just think its a terrible idea that requires no work for to give a huge bonus to the whole team. Seems very imbalanced to me.

And no, the camel armor buff does not effect friendly units.

Mods will not be used within ladder where it matters. This should be in the standard team ladder settings. Relic should implement it.

This is really clever, actually. I will be sure to try it out next time.

AoE2 had team bonuses to help balance civs in tg

I prefer to just let my delhi/abba teamate have the berries in my base, if possible. Also I do not really think this game needs some inherent team bonuses. I think if Relic just made it so the abilities/bonuses that civs have already would work on teammates, that would help a lot. I prefer if the game stays the same balance wise as 1v1 personally.

I understand, but I don’t know how long it will take from the developer to accept this feature.

Well I am not sure if its not a bug already to be like this. When you put a prelate near ally workers, they will do the inspiration action (but no buff will happen). Also Mongol Khans abilities work for team mates so why the inconsistency? Seems an oversight already to be honest.

You sneaky little spreader of fake news:

Before you stand with same statement be at least 100% sure its correct …

Congrats I play all the cives among top100 in all modes (probably only player on entire server? )

Yes because making one tower to improve attacks of all units by 25% (no effort to do it btw … so u are rewarded literally for nothing - oh wait … for a walking time of one vill and 100 wood … whuppss) This is extremely dumb

In compare with my statement

Where I try to support TEAM GAMEPLAY from 1 min. mark instead of turtling and making decision only by you and do not care about who your teammates are …

Now for example if HRE is a bit late in age-up or struggle to gets relics or is some nearby my base and not his I try to bring them to him … HRE with relics …

Rus with shared bounty … bonus for RUS remain same but there are higher levels once you hit 500/600 team-based bonuses …
This would make early killing of animals WAY more important and early game much more interesting than only 10-15 mins of booming and doing literally nothing on most maps … is there enemy scout hunting animals? I should attack him or kill the animals etc. etc …

Those were just fast ideas I have got … there is a lot of potential … and deffinetly you should be awarded for PLAYING AS A TEAM and not for picking your civ. in a lobby or by making one tower which would make crazy bonus for all players …

With your idea entire trade would become clownfiesta with yam network boosting all the merchants … THIS IS WHAT I CALL TERRIBLE idea buddy :wink:

Super mature post from you pal. I have checked exactly the scenario your photo is, and there was no buff. Maybe a bug then. However you are not 100% correct, as I have seen with my own eyes scenarios where it does not work. I have played vs you, was not impressed at all, but flex your rank all you want. Your idea of sharing bounty, is possibly the worst possible idea I could think of. A sure way to make team games completely broken from the get go. But keep patting yourself on the back mr top 200.

Omg … how blind are you? Test it by yourself you *************************

How old are you? Fine you do not believe me, so be it. Grow up though, this is hardly constructive conversation.

Lol am interested in which mode and match xddddd

For which reason? You dont like to micro your scout early on right?

Bro first u make a very stupid statement … than you spread fake news and than u attack me for my rank and a ,bad idea, which is imo very good and would improve team-play from first seconds and does not affect 1v1s by a single % …

are u on Toluen?

I would rather believe Russian TV news than to your false statement about that camel support does not affect friendly units since we had ENTIRE STRATEGY based on it in 2v2 like 2 months ago with my friend … bro pls get your ■■■■■ together and stop spreading fake news … thanks

Be on your way sir, if you don’t believe bugs are possible in this game I have a bridge to sell you. Done wasting my time engaging with someone who is gonna get their feelings hurt over someone cordially disagreeing with them. You really are not as good as you think you are but keep stroking that ego.

My feeling are hurt by you cause you simply dont say truth but fake news and u think u are right and everything is correct … thats something VERY BAD