"Something went wrong" Xbox live error

I first posted this in the Bug Report forum when the summer event was released a few weeks ago, but I still haven’t found a fix for this and I’m wondering if anyone can help?

I get this error when I try to login to xbox live ingame, it does not give me a sign in page, it just gives me this error box.

It does not seem to be a microsoft account issue, just an ingame issue, as I have sucessfully logged in to the account on both my main browser and the microsoft Edge browser/xbox live outside of the game.

There is no option other than cancel which closes the box. I have tried all the troubleshooting listed on the support page. Nothing has fixed it.

Still getting this error in the ‘summer event round 2’

Including all of the troubleshooting on the support page, I have tried some other things as well to try and solve the issue; none of which has made a difference.

So far I have tried:

  • using a different steam account,
  • signing in to xbox/microsoft account in different browsers,
  • setting my default browser as a different browser,
  • clearing cookies/cache/data,
  • manually adding xbox/microsoft to allow Javascript,
  • using the link from the AOE2DE Xbox sign in box copied into the browser,
  • deleting several xbox cache related files on my PC,
  • verifying integrity of game files,
  • reinstalling the game entirely,
  • being signed in to xbox companion then launching game,
  • launching game through xbox companion.

None of the things above have made any difference. I seem to be permanently stuck with “something went wrong error” whenever the game tries to connect to xbox live.

I still have not been able to play the events, if I’m unable to unlock the main achievement of “login to xbox live” this makes all the other achievements pointless to obtain, as the rewards will not remain after the event.

It’s very frustrating and confusing. Please can someone help? :slight_smile:

I have also checked that my microsoft account has given permission to access AOE2DE and xbox live.