Soon you will experience the fall of constantinople

This map is extremely large, to the point that it was no longer possible to modify it but since the last update I can modify it again without crash so I work it to live this experience.


It’s truly a shame the AOE3DE seem to have abandoned the modding community (or atleast that’s what i’ve been told so by aoe2 players)


I did not play too much AOE2 but for AOE3 there is not a lot of map produced by the players because it is long I imagine and they do not necessarily know how the editor works

nice…your scenarios are the best

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Thank you I need more time because I encounter some minor worries.

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I hope this doesn’t crash on my machine when I play. I fear the giant map would consume too much RAM, idk


This weekend, the fall of Constantinople will be available.

It was a lot of work that I had even stopped for lack of motivation with the titanic work that it takes but recently with the new tools of the editor I want to continue and it will probably be finished tomorrow or this weekend it will depend if I have problems.

The map will be relatively long because you need to break the defense of the city which is robust.

Ce week-end, la chute de Constantinople sera disponible.

C’était beaucoup de travail que j’avais même arrêté par manque de motivation avec le travail titanesque qu’il faut mais récemment avec les nouveaux outils de l’éditeur je souhaite continuer et il sera probablement terminé demain ou ce week-end cela dépendra si j’ai des problèmes.

La carte sera relativement longue parce que vous avez besoin de briser la défense de la ville qui est robuste.