Sound bugs

There are sound bugs i discoverd:

  • almost all units dont have a sound when they die
  • the Galleon doesnt make a sound when it fires
  • the the bombard towers doesnt make a sound when it fires

I want to know why they removed the death sounds as well, game is not even the same without people dying.

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Death sound is a key tip about unit lost.

Its a bug, its not on purpose, its niw on the kniwn issue list and will we fixed in upcoming patch

And the sound when locking/unlocking gates is almost silent. I almost reported a bug saying ‘no’ sounds were generated… but I tried later and heard very faint noises. I’d like it louder so I don’t have to take my eyes off the warfare to look in the lower-left corner of the screen to see if it’s locked or not.

UPDATE: Maybe also make them sounds that sound a bit more like AoE2… I remember gears clanking, I think. Also, I need to see if there’s a hotkey for unlocking/locking gates, because if there isn’t, there should be. This is an action that needs a quick way to do because I usually need to lock or unlock in an extreme hurry to keep enemies out, prevent my guys from opening the gates for an enemy, or to let my troops or villagers through in an emergency.

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Sounds are way too faint and appear somewhat delayed. I would pay for a mod that restores old HD sounds (not joking).

any fix on this. I am having trouble on aoe 3 too