Sound of stable in AOE2


Several days ago, I came across this Youtube video (links at below). This video is a footage of NYC taken in the year of 1911. At around 2:27, you would hear a horse neighing which presents a striking resemblance to the sound of stable in AOE2. This even prompted me to register an account for this forum to ask about this. Does anyone know anything about this matter?

Thank you!

(The video link:


There’s this guy in YouTube that make comic resumes of films/tc shows (innarge tinian spanish) and joked one time about a camel sound being from AOE. Probably a lot of films do that.

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I think the sounds are just added by the guy who is uploading these clips to youtube, because clips that old are usually soundless (correct me if wrong)


Yea, I think you are right! Ooof, I didn’t check all the links in the description under that video. It seems the ambient sound is added later. Thank you!

Lots of the sounds in Aoe2 are from a common sound library: Sound Ideas Original General Series 6000

You’ll hear these sounds used in a variety of media.
Notably the sound of a Camel is the sound used for a dying Imp in Doom.


Ye that surprised me a lot when my buddies got me to try Doom 11

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Sound film didn’t exist in 1911!


Same goes for Doom actually.
Thing is, back then it was a better choice for the devs to do these