Soundtrack and Sounds

Gray Sky!

@Sadaurkar said:
I love the original opening theme. The drums are fantastic. Here’s hoping they keep that midi rawness.

Also! Fun fact: you can find the entire sound track as MIDI files in your AoE1 installation folder. No need to go to YouTube every time.

I know, but the midi its diferent from de audio cd

@CravenGeoduck36 said:
It would be better if in future put the music depending on the circumstances in which you are, for example if you go to a battle automatically puts an epic song but the music I like, is one of the few games that I like his music.

like in AOM, the music changes depending what building you are attacking

@GamerZakh said:
I use Cave as my phone’s alarm until today. Number 1 track for me across all AoE games.

Zakh? the REAL zakh? <3

This probably remains my favourite AOE theme:

@MageOfEmpires said:
Cave is my favorite song out of all of the Age games. That opening harp gets me every time - it sounds amazing.

Cave is a must considering ambiance, I always felt something special in this music reflecting whats AoE is : beautiful and magic

@mythdracon said:
It was content to do quietly what many soundtracks now feel they have to make into the usual bloated epic battle music that we’ve all heard in Hollywood movies (the mediocre ones).

Same here. AoE’s ethnic/ambient soundtrack added so much to immersion, just like Fallout 1/2’s almost-musique-concrète tunes, or Deus Ex HR’s ambient/dnb. It only saddens me to hear good and varied soundtracks converging to one “gold standard of soundtrack”: the epic symphony. Hope AoE:DE stays away from this trend.

Favourite track? Hard to say, the entire soundtrack is a brilliant masterpiece. I’d say that New Technology, Conquest and Dawn of a New Age are my top three. Even used to give a name to each of the various themes and lines in the last one when I was a kid.