Soundtrack and Sounds

At E3 Microsoft commented that they would use the same music but recorded again with an orchestra. I know that the nostalgia is going to tell me that the old music was better but surely it will be something fantastic.
What do you think?
What is your favorite song in AOE1?

Mine is “Battle”

I love the original opening theme. The drums are fantastic. Here’s hoping they keep that midi rawness.

Also! Fun fact: you can find the entire sound track as MIDI files in your AoE1 installation folder. No need to go to YouTube every time.

My Favourite was xmusic2 from Rise of Rome Expansion tbh

@DeadVen Same! It was so peaceful, and relaxing. Best one, imo.

Yes, yes yes! I saw the bit about the soundtrack and being an absolute soundtrack nerd, I went screaming all over the house about it and got strange looks from boyfriend and his friend. Heck I’d have had the same reaction if only the soundtrack had been announced, nevermind an actual remaster. So so hoping they keep all the original tracks for the orchestral versions. AoE has one of the best game soundtracks of all time to me and to hear those tracks in full orchestra versions, I think I’ll cry. :’) - Full fangirl mode initiated - Meanwhile I shall content myself with playing the themes on my guitar and listening to a bunch of theme remixes. All aboard the hype train~

Music 2 a.k.a. Polyester Jammy from RoR soundtrack, hands down. Nostalgia overload.

The whole AoE1 soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece though.

Music 5 from RoR is probably my favourite, such a great song.

I wouldn’t mind if the soundtrack was completely re-recorded and such, as long as they tried to keep the same feel to it.

Cave is my favorite. I still remember hearing it playing when I started my first game and being completely blown away.

God I love both the midi tracks and the CD music for both vanilla + rome. I really hope they include the legacy tracks as an option. For those interested: the guy who did the music for aoe, stephen rippy, put out an album in 2014 called Mainland Static.

I think it will be hard to replicate the sense of mystery in Age of Empires I’s soundtrack. It was content to do quietly what many soundtracks now feel they have to make into the usual bloated epic battle music that we’ve all heard in Hollywood movies (the mediocre ones).

But I like the AOE I Definitive Edition soundtrack clip that I heard (not as fond of the new wololo however, and I don’t think it would fit in well with the old one–they should have just kept in the old wololo imo).

Man I forgot how bangin the tunes from AoE1 were.

I loved the music when i has won, that a so good song and make adrenalin for a new game :slight_smile:

This music reflect all AoE is : epic and i really feel inside the game with it

New Technology all the way!
It was my favorite before I realized that it became the main theme for the whole series. I learned to play it on multiple instruments.

That’s just like asking someone to choose over their own children. In most cases, it’s pretty easy. Sadly, in this case, it isn’t. I love them all equally.

It would be better if in future put the music depending on the circumstances in which you are, for example if you go to a battle automatically puts an epic song but the music I like, is one of the few games that I like his music.

Cave is my favorite song out of all of the Age games. That opening harp gets me every time - it sounds amazing.

My favorite from Rise of Rome is Track 8, “Mean Ain’t No Hip Hop In Tha House Mix”. The drop after the buildup is awesome! It’s the song that got me interested in making music :slight_smile:

My favorite from AoE is Track 4, “Cave”. It still gives me a sense of wonder and awe when I hear the flute at the start of the song- truly a masterpiece.

I hope Stephen Rippy is involved in this project in some way shape or form.

Fav one: Death, because of the dark atmpsphere and at the same time a tune of hope and peace. But also the very first song. As mentioned above you notice it immediately the first time you plan, and leaves a permanent impression. Plus the nostalgia feels that return every time it plays.

I use Cave as my phone’s alarm until today. Number 1 track for me across all AoE games.