Soundtrack dependent on civilization / campaign choice

Now I know that I’m a soundtracks freak, but wouldn’t it be great if the music played depended on whether you selected a AoE original civ/campaign or a RoR one? The two soundtracks are so different in their feel to me and over the years of playing, have become so associated with each game, that I have to manually substitute audio files in UPatch each time I switch civs/campaigns.

We don’t know yet how will be the new soundtrack, that just released the main music o the game. But It would be nice to have a soundtrack for each civilization with their respective cultures being musically represented, but I think this is very far from what is possible to do in a game and for supposedly containing a lot of historical information would leave the design made by the game, which encompasses an general idea of the Human socioeconomic formation.

I hope we can still use the original AoE CD soundtrack as well as the new done up RoR ones.