Source code

Good afternoon, dear developers and players. How to get the source code for the game Age of Empires. Definitive Edition? It is necessary for the modding of the game.


The source code is owned by Microsoft and I don’t think that it is or will ever be available to the general public.


The only thing you can make in AoE: DE are boring campaigns. Modding is not a viable option for AoE: DE but AoE II: DE is easy to mod and perhaps you can start there.


I like what happened to one of my favorite games, Quake 3. Its developers released the source code to the public, and then some people released source ports to enhance gameplay, add lots of features, fix bugs, add more compatibility options, and even revive the whole experience, as well as opening a new path to worldwide modding. The game (with source ports) can now be enjoyed more than any other time in its history.

It would be wise for Microsoft to release AoE1:DE source code to the public.


Won’t propably ever happen. Microsoft doesn’t want their source code used to create competitor games.

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