South Africa's revolt with the Holland is too problematic

not the reason to go with Holland for age 5 in supremacy, revolt with South Africa and much better besides having imperial war wagon for training at no cost of upgrading, the economy and insane you can train 30 more vills with a card and besides being able to increase the limit of banks and the most ridiculous of all in my opinion and be able to have option of capitol and upgrade all The economy, the economy of this revolt is stronger than Holland’s own age 5 because it is possible to train 30 more villagers …

My proposal is to remove the Capitol Card and the War Wagon Card have a cost of at least 500 gold and wood

sorry my terrible english


The only thing broken is the war wagon card, it needs higher cost like at the least 1k wood 1k coin or preferably 2k wood.


Nah, Imperial upgrades should never be researched by sending a card for revolutions, it way to powerful considering the power spike a revolution usually provides, guard upgrades are okay but imperial upgrades should have to be researched to delay the power spike in any case.

Then perhaps change it to like 600w/600c and then you get the ability to research imperial like many other revolutions have.


my guess is that it was intended to be 4000w but someone handwriting is so bad it comes out missing a 0

That seems a lot, I think they just didn’t intend for it to be used in 1v1 more for like team games so a bit of an oversight.

it is still slightly cheaper than normally aging imp and research imp upgrade. since SA do not have a eco stop shortly after like other rev, i think 4000 is a fair no.

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More than nerfing revolutions (considering ALL revolutions got a lot of content now to be almost their own civ) it’s best to add flavour to the untouched IMPERIAL AGE.


Why is it only problematic with Dutch and not the British? Is their rev different?

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It probably has to do with vill pop space. 50/60 vills +5-9 banks, plus 2 banks and 30 CdB vills from the Revolution is better than 99 vills, plus 2 banks and 30 CdBs from the Revolution. Dutch would have more pop space for military than British would.

I’d imagine it’s a bit op with British too, but they are probably on separate tiers entirely

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It also doesn’t offer as much for brits as it does for dutch, brits have a great economy anyway while dutch’s eco isn’t so great late game even though they have more military pop space available. South africa gives you even more because it gets you an extra 2 banks and you can get another 2 iirc from the imperial tech so if nothing else it’s +2 banks and you can get +4 way cheaper than going imperial normally for just an extra 2.

I dont understand why devs keep buffing less-villagers economies. Not surprise these civs overperform (Dutch, Japan, Mexico, France, Sweden).

They should got less population capacity maybe.

You can get 13 banks with SA. I think the imperial age gold upgrade shouldn’t bump bank limit by 2.

Overall I like the idea of a revolution being able to go toe to toe with an imperial age economy. It gives the game more flavor. The imperial WW are hardly a problem, I prefer ruyters over them anyway. Aside from the bank limit it should be fine.

I think it’s good that revolutions can get imperial improvements, but paying an amount equivalent to the Imperial Age Up (there may be some small exceptions). An example of this is the “Napoleonic Era” card from Revolutionary France:

1000fwc (cost of revolution) + 1400c (the cost of 1 shipment in age IV) + 1800fc (additional cost of Napoleonic Era shipment) = 8000 resources (The same resource cost of the imperial age up)

The problem with the South African revolution is that they can get many imperial improvements cheaply, and that can create big problems…

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I kinda have to disagree. A revolution is way cheaper and therefore must be weaker than imperial.

I think South Africa would be fine if they removed either the age 5 gather rate techs or the Imperial War Wagons (Guard WW would be fine).

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That’s the point with the post, I don’t think it’s fair for a player to pay 4000 gold 4000 of food to go to imperial and still pay another 1500 gold and wood to be able to upgrade some military troop, you play against a cheap revolt with a troop fully upgraded to imperial with just one card


Except SA doesn’t get the full imperial tech. Neither does it get a power spike. Nerf the economy too much and it becomes useless.

Actually no. In certain maps. You can get Cheaper Natives card. Then when you reach Revolt you get legendary natives with 15% more HP. From a treaty perspective. As well as use of Mercenaries. Whose stats are by no means bad because they still get a buff from wanderlust and Team cards give them a more noticeable edge. so yeah.

13 Banks
30 couriers
Farming cards
Building and Tower spam cards
Infinite forts once all eco is set up
Efficient Blue Guards

I can say War Wargons isnt the only thing OP. If you actually take time to explore the revolt.


Also if you think Dutch has broken South africa. Have you seen 135 villagers with British? British War Wagon-Ranger is also very strong. In fact the closest unit to guard stats is the british ranger with 38 attack. So people should consider brit as a serious contender

You ta crazy they take imperial war wagon at no cost of upgrade to train only with a card. And even more get the Capitol to upgrade the entire economy by 50% with low reduced price Now mix war wagons with some halberdiers and skimishs fighting you, and with an economy that can reach the value of 160 villagers if there is time, and let’s not forget some random mercenaries like Elmeto or Jeager Mameluke.
Captura de Tela (80)
Captura de Tela (77)

capitol upgrade cost reduce 750 W:F:G