Spain Rush!

before DE there were a few viable rush strats for spain but most were lackluster as it didn’t hit hard enough or it did hit hard but left your eco in ruin.

Now with the fixed crates and a bit faster exp generation Spain has a fast rush that does NOT completely destroy your early wco opportunities!!

BO: build tp asap age up 12/10 with the 900f politician. Send 300w/300c in transition such that it arrives moments after you age up so you’ll get the extra crates. Chop wood for a house and at least enough wood for one rax/stable. Meanwhile prior to age up your hero should be looking for food and wood treasures and if cant find always be killing stuff for exp!!!

Once you’re aged send another 300res crate and another. If dont right you should be able to send 3 300 resource crates total back to back (the one transition 300res plus the 2 300res crates once aged).

At the the point you’re on your 3rd crate gathering you should already have units harassing and building basic infrastructure (houses market church second 3rd tp depending on your strat and unit choices). Resist the urge to send age 2 shipments until your eco is very steady or you need a military shipment for a timing. I’ve lost many of games for sending 5vil card too soon!!!

Also checking the resource graph after the game I saw I was in the lead. Even in the games I’VE lost I would be in the lead for RESOURCES until the very end.

Now let’s do some math and feel free to offer counter points and alternatives and corrections.

Going 12/10 with the 900f politican instead of the 800f politican (500f crate) makes you 10s slower in aging up and effectively 400f shy once up (assuming you properly timed your transion 300w/c shipment). In the 500f crate age up scenario you’d cut wood in tramsition for at least 1 house and one barracks, so imo that part is the same between the two strats. However, while the 500f crate age up youd be sending your first 700w crate then waiting 40s for it to arrive, the 900f politician would get the 400w 200f and 100g in 20sec and then get that same shipment a 2nd time by the time the 500f crate age up would have just landed the 700w crate.

Scenario 1: 12/10 500f age up
Aged(this will be reference for both scenario)
Wait 40s 700w
30s to gather with 3 vil all 700w is up (70s total)
Resource crate totals (500f 700w)
Wait 40s 600w
25s to gather with 3 vil all 600w is up (105 s total)
Resources crate totals (500f 1300w)
Wait 40s for whatever you want next (145s total)

Scenario 2: 12/10 900f age up
10s later age up -100f for the age choice but transition shipment should gave arrived upon age up
Wait 20s 400w 200f 100c
60s to gather with 3 vill all 1400 resources (10s + 60s= 70s total)
Resources crate totals (-100f +400f + 800w + 200c)
Wait 20 s 400w 200f 100c
30sec to gather resource with 3 vil (10s + 90s= 100s total)
Resource crate totals (500f 1200w 300c).

As you can see the second scenario is frontloading your resources such that at the same timing or sooner than the first scenario you have about the same or more resoures to facilitate your endeavors. The faster pace of the second scenario allows you to scale your rush and or sustain your ecoc with upgrades. The one issue with the 2nd is you need to keep the exp coming in order to capitalize on the faster shipment speed. Otherwise the first scenario will beat the 2nd at the 145s mark.

Let’s get some feedback!!!


This strat also translate well into a risky :grimacing: yet greedy waterboom!! I’m talking 3+ dock boom but imo it should be a sufficient water map like sauguency or boreno or alike

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