Spain still the worst civ

Really Spain is the worst civ in the game again ? u nerffed the second age politician u need 900 of food and you do not send the arsenal and shipments from the metropolis take three times longer than the previous beta… no worth option, and spanish gold just a card of 400 gold in 3rd age … other civs can send 1000 of gold u need 3 shipments to compensate…changes not enough for compensate the bad economy compared to other euro civs because many euro civs are buffed and have better units, range units are much better whit difference and spain is pure close combat units, their range units are weak . Still whit probably the worst eco in the game again, obviously is my personal opinion , only time will prove me right. Useless civ. And rodeleros still suck so much. Thank you for read me.


I agree melee units throughout the game still need some serious reworking. Skirms and Goons still dominating the meta too much.

But Spain has that card that brings in gold with every single shipment. That’s a massive boost. Imo they aren’t as weak as they used to be.

yeah are a bit better , but is not enough to balanced whit rest of euro civs, Spain is the civ developers don’t have any idea to do whit them or maybe they don’t care about this civ


Explain to me what they changed about the 900 age 2 politican? What is slower?

Spain gold is very good card and gets stronger with tp map control and late game/treaty. Remember spain only requires 75? Maybe even less exp to get a homecity shipment. So for 3 regular civ shipment spain gets 4!!! So if you imagine you send spainish gold as and get 400g meanwhile french send 1kg!! Butt next you both send 1k wood then you both send some militrary shipment. By this 3rd shipment yoy know have a total 1200 gold from spaim gold. Plus the fact that you’ll get a free 4th shipment in the time your opponent gets the 3rd shipment listed above. So youd have 1600 gold (and age 4 shipment)!!!


i repeat, is not enough , when u play whit different civs u can feel it

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They copied the esco patch balances and spain is decent strength on esco especially on tp maps. Current best supremacy player kaiserklein has abuse spain vs french and German. Both are great MUs for spain.


Im testing out a build that combines both the logistician and the spanish gold card. I’m trying to find the adequate age 1 crates to choose (doesn’t help the tooltips name the size of the crates but not the amount of resources you get).

It seems you can power through colonial with the age 1 shipments and go to fortress and then get spanish gold and switch your vills from gold to food.

Spain is still pretty weak despite its small improvements. One of Spain’s strengths is that they are a very adaptable civ, with its fast shipments and its variety in units. The new “Spanish Gold” card restricts Spain’s ability to be versatile given that you would need to age quickly to age 3 in order to get the most out of that card. And given that the devs have centered Spain’s economic advantage around this card, you don’t really have another choice but to go fast fortress in order to compete with the other civ’s economies. This makes Spain’s meta more reliant on a fast fortress when they are perfectly capable of pulling off a good age 2 rush. I feel like they should have an 8 villager card in age 3 (like the brits), and “Spanish Gold” should be moved to age 2 and have it so that the extra gold you get increases or decreases depending on which age the card is from (like the amount of Uhlans the Germans get with every card they send). For example, age 2 cards would give you an extra 300 gold, age 3 cards would give you an extra 400 gold, and age 4 cards would give you an extra 500 gold, and so on. This change would give them the option of starting with a good eco in age 2 in case you want to rush. On the unit department, I like the buff to the “Caballeros” card (with the extra melee range) but the rods need a little more love too. I would increase their hp to 140 (from 135) and their attack to 12 (from 11). I would also make it so that the “Team Archaic Soldier Training” card affects rods as well as pikes and crossbows. These buffs would make rods more useful in age 2 and a refreshing alternative to musks. I would also add a few missionary shipments to help mass them in the early game. There’s a card called “Tercio Tactics” that is useless. It turns all your pikemen into rods. I really don’t see the use for this card and I would change it for something else. I was thinking that maybe change it so that it buffs pikemen. For example, it could improve their siege damage or hp. This would justify spending the resources to upgrade them to royal guard or imperial status. I would love to hear your thoughts about this and I really hope the devs end up reading this.


“Spanish Gold” should be moved to age 2. That way you don’t have to go fast fortress to get a good eco. This change would allow Spain to start with a good eco early in age 2 and not have to rely even more on a fast fortress. This would change the Spain meta (fast fortress) and allow players to stick to age 2 a little while longer. I know that Spain already has a lot of important age 2 shipments and there wouldn’t be enough space in the deck, but with the new “Logistician” politician, you can change your age 2 resource crates for the age 1 resource crates. This effectively frees 2 to 3 new slots in age 2 for other cards. You might say that it would be too OP to have “Spanish Gold” in age 2 but I have a fix. You could make it so that the amount of extra gold you get depends on what age the card is from (like the amount of Uhlans the Germans get with every shipment). For example, age 1 cards would give you an extra 200 gold, age 2 cards would give you an extra 300 gold, and age 3 cards would give you an extra 400 gold, and so on.


In 1vs1 Spain does see play and is arguably in a good spot but in team games, they are extremely dependent on unction because they are the only civ in the game who completely lacks any card upgrades to ranged units. It does swing back to though that melee units are just too weak outside of very specialized cavalry units (e.g Spahi, Gendarmes) almost everything else falls off very quickly due to horrid pathing and other issues.

In the ESOC forums where the Spanish gold idea originated it was discussed moving Spanish gold to age 2 and making it 300 coin per shipment but I do prefer the idea of making it scale based on the age of shipment you are sending, though age 1 and 2 both should be 300, age 3 400, age 5 500.

May be too strong in that case but Spain is a civ that basically has no bonus after the first 15 minutes when the shipments dry up and begin to break even with everyone else. This fact this is made worse by being completely outclassed in ranged warfare doesn’t help, unction still takes up population to use, has an upfront investment and it’s super awkward compared to just clicking ‘infantry combat’ or whatever.


Spain is one of the strongest civilizations in the game right now. Look at recent tournaments and you’ll see plenty of Spain being played. Perhaps you are playing them wrong?


In 1vs1 yes, in team they struggle and either way they are a very one dimensional civ.

I don’t know if it’s one of the strongest but it certainly has moved up in the rankings. It’s usually hard to find people who play them in tournaments. My main issue with “Spanish Gold” is that it makes Spain too reliant on a fast fortress strategy when their strength is versatility. If you move it to age 2 and make it so the extra gold scales up every age, you can stay in age 2 a little longer without being at a disadvantage. And this doesn’t make you too predictable with your strategy.


I would like to support the idea of moving Spanish Gold to age2 and adjust the amount of gold according to the age. It will strengthen the Spain characteristic of fast shipment which will be very helpful in team games and also the motivation of staying age2 in 1v1 games.


We need more people to support this discussion so the devs can read it and possibly change it.

I agree with that. It would be a good Buff to the civ.

Just checked the tech tree and to add salt to the injury, spain guard units (pikes, rodeleros and lancers) only get a 10% stat boost on guard upgrade while regular units get the typical 30% stat boost.

I think this +10% is actually 30% + additional 10% which in total is 40%.

It’s 10% + 30% = 40%. But I feel royal guard pikemen need a buff to justify upgrading past veteran status.