Spain stradiots

Why the unnecessary removal of 6 stradiots replaced with 8 armoured pistoleers? Whereas other civs have different types of mercs to send, Spain can only send slow anti cav heavy infantry now? (Highlander, swiss pike, pistoleer)… Seriously, y’all must just be trying to troll Spain players… 100% unnecessary change, as well as 80% of the updates in the latest patch.

Sincerely, a salty ex fan.


I prefer the pistoleers spain already have good cavalry.


Es verdad España no necesitaba ese envio, la gracia del pistolero es recibir el daño de las otras unidades, cosa que españa no necesitaba porque no tiene Spam de unidades de mucho daño y poca vida, tampoco tiene envios de guerrilleros o algo similar por ultimo para complementar, Pero tampoco creo que el estradiot sea un buen mercenario para España, los piquieros suizos es un mal envio y españa no lo necesita, los Highlander me parece el unico envio de mercenarios medianamente aceptable.

Todos los envios viables de España de cav y infanteria son cuerpo a cuerpo, pq le dan variantes de mosqueteros, piqueros y cab pesada es lo que menos necesita, necesita mercenarios de Cab ligera y Infanteria ligera. Las variantes de mosquteros no son utiles para España

The nerf to Spain does not make sense to me, I think that it was very possibly oriented by the FI of Haciendas / Fast Rev Chile

I would have preferred 100 million times that they remove the ridiculous letter that Spain obtained haciendas, which is not at all original, nor does it represent Spain’s style of play at all, that they unnecessarily nerf the war dog or the fast shipping bonus, they take away power to the Aggressive FF, which is the strategy most used by the Spanish

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Also reverse the XP nerf for HomeCity shipments

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I really like that they have a way to get Haciendas. However, the Haciendas generating Soldados makes no sense.

Mercenary/Native card changes are more for historical flavor imo.
Before DE there were not many natives or mercenary types so you need to fill up the slots with shared ones. Now we have a lot.

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I’ve only ever seen someone do a hacienda FI once and the chile revolt was always super risky. Spain nerfs 100% unjustifiably.
Spain feels weak sauce and needs at least either the xp bonus or the dogs back.

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this is not a problem at all for Spain. 6 stradiots was a bad card just like 5 ronin for ports. if anything, I expect the average Spanish win rate to rise as players are forced to use better cards like 5 lancers while using that 1k to make 5 more. or ship 1k food and macro for gold.

there’s a reason player always used 5 hussars, 4 mamelukes or 5 spahi over 6 stradiots as otto, and the card is absent from all decent+ Spanish decks. bad value, terrible shipment, many better choices.

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