Spam message

i just had to confrim my MS account with my phone number,
when i tried to login at:
A view hours later i got a spam message at my phone.
Is it coincidence or should i be worried?
Does some get the same?

Best regards

@ToilsomeBrush99 What did the message sent to your phone say?

@anon63664082 That i won 521.970 € and i should send a email to:
The number from those message and the MS access code are from the same country, it starts with +44 so both are from UK …

Report the spam message from your phone. It’s not from Microsoft.

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Well of course not. I was just concerned that´s somehow connected to the verification process to the homepage…

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Turn on your antivirus when you are registering on websites or downloading something. You could catch malware or something else, which leaked your phone number to the internet (or creator, and then he leaked the data). Or just use online mobile numbers in order to receive verification codes.

Personally, I am using phone lookup when I receive strange calls. And yes, I do not answer first.

Firstly, I check, and only then I am calling back. This tactic may save you from scammers and spammers. So be careful.