Spam of Springald - very easy mechanics


These are the last changes of Springald as of late, but after the big HP reduction of the siege, the siege war has turned into a Springald war, where whoever produces the most Springalds wins. I have seen 5 or more Springald produced, which would take up more than 15 population space, so I propose that:

Springald’s attack collides with the first enemy unit on the way

that would reduce the ease that this unit has, to attack any unit it wants without colliding with any enemy unit

There is no problem if the Springald goes through palisades, and since there is no friendly damage, the Springald attack should only go through your own units, not the enemy ones

As seen in the clip, there will be times when no one gets in the way and the Springald can deliver a clean attack on its target.

Springald does not have a manual attack with G, because instead he has this very convenient mechanic, add manual attack with G

Please modify its mechanics, this will avoid Springald spam and will favor the micro

Wouldn’t it be possible to abuse this with a mass mangonel comp, with some infantry to block the mangonels? Maybe we’d need to buff the springalds in turn if that was the case, but then we’d be dangerously close to 2021 springalds.
Am I missing something?

Point out where I propose to improve the springalds! thank you

You didn’t, but in case a blocking mechanism would make mangonel comps with body shield overpowered, to the point that springalds couldn’t deal with them, then the springald might become a useless unit which could force buffs in return.

not even a professional can protect his siege, the siege can’t stand anything, even in Zhuge nuh, he beats it

They can also reverse the damage.

Zhuge nu is not the best example. Siege is ok today.

The trebuchet has a low dps to destroy 5000 hp of Keeps, and it would take longer if it is vulnerable to springalds with its easy mechanic, plus the siege is vulnerable to everything.

What forces to spam springalds, which occupy a lot of population, consequently the games take longer

two and a half minutes it takes 1 trebuchet to destroy a keep, if no one will attack it, which never happens


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It bothers me that they are effective and take up so much population, if they reduced their base damage and population space to 2, and that would motivate them to produce even more springalds, that shows how mechanically effective they are

I reiterate that: the only thing I have complained about is the unique ability of the spingardas to pass through any unit that crosses their objective

…plus it has a very convenient attack distance

Over time I’ve come to realize that Springald’s mechanics don’t tend to generate a good gaming experience for many people.

Siege against buildings I like and I think it’s ok, but it’s true that Springald is not good for the flow of the game.

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What do you think if they decrease the range of the springald?