Spanish age 3 in 8 mins with 4 cannons in 10 min - TOTALLY BALENCED

Spanish aging up to age 3 in 8 mins followed by 4 cannons in 10 mins… very balanced!!! Nothing to see here.

Just waiting for Spanish players to say this is normal in chat…

I’m not a Spain player or even a huge fan of FF’s in general but yeah that looks pretty normal to me. Most civs can age up before 7:30-8 minutes by slow aging while sending 700c first or fast aging while sending 700c second. Other civs can make 2 falcs with the 1000c shipment or just manually macroing for it. Ship 2 falcs after that and boom 4 falcs at 10 minutes. I’m not the best player but to deal with it I think you either have to stay age 2 and mass units or try to match their age 3 and get artillery of your own like the Brit player did in the video. Depends on your civ.

Something to note is that this match is almost 1 year old (even though it was just published today). Since then Spain has had some nerfs such as slower shipments and worse war dogs. The civ has also received some new cards to promote age 2 play. I think it is a hard civ to balance since my understanding is it has some really good match ups and some really bad match ups.


Where have you been that an 8 min age 3 is considered weird?

Do you not remember when the game first came out and piro climbed the ladder with spanish church FF?


Those times are fairly easy to follow for several civs eg Otto.

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w8 until you see the 8 min 2 falconet piroshiki FF

Spain is supposed to be kind of similar to Otto, you know it is coming, the game is to prepare for it and make sure you have more villagers/eco so if you can hold out, you win. You do have defenders advantage, and colonial militia and other defensive cards also help when you know it is coming. Don’t forget CM have bonus vs artillery and so do villagers. Spain/Otto players who lame a single strategy aren’t known for having good eco or adaptability, you can use that to your advantage as well.

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Now we all know you are a troll.

Spanish FF has been a thing since forever.

Nobody calls this imbalance or anything. Scout the enemy, scout the enemy deck. If you know Spain can do it, then use that knowledge.

Also, I thought you loved rushing and aggressive gameplay.

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a mi un britanico me hizo un f.i en el minuto 11 y con 9 falconetes, asi que esto no me sorprende, se nota que te quejas por nada xd