Spanish Buff Suggestions for uniqueness

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Cuerudos were only cattlemen and sometimes served as irregular troops. They were NOT the same.

As for the tech, I really don’t get why this is an issue to you? It’s only leather soldier by name and the effect has nothing to do with dragones de cuera. You simply change the name of the tech. Problem solved.

I dont know why you guys want new units that Spain already has for its specific roles.

Transformations that make units slightly better for me is enough. Or maybe allowing certain new features or upgrades to come to light.

For example Landwehr=Ordinance Rifleman=Misqueletes

Though i wonder why the Devs have to fluff Germans and give it so much stuff that you can no longer identify it with TAD AOE3.

I just like a nice equal treatment to the bonuses provided to each civ. Sure people can give the argument of but Spain has Haciendas. LOL They had them for so long with nothing new. It gets boring hearing that argument.
Also the “Lancer and rodeleros kill everything anyway” ugh… It might be true but that doesnt make it less bland.
A small push wouldn’t hurt.

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I am referring to a new unit a little better than a crossbowman but with a firearm already discussed in several threads.


Maybe don’t call it the same as an unit already ingame then?

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I called it harquebusier so that it is understood what type of unit it must be historically but yes, it would have another name

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Will they be Regulares? :ceuta_and_melilla::joy::joy::joy:

Si, tambien (20 caracteres)