Spanish Buff Suggestions for uniqueness

Spain Civ buff Suggestions

A bit of an introduction on these suggestions. I see that Spain seems to be limited in their arsenals when compared to specific buffs certain civs are receiving recently. For example Dutch age 4 Akan build as well as German mercenaries receiving a recent buff. I would like spain to have a tiny bit more uniqueness on the battlefield as well as the economy. While they do have good tempo if you are able to pull off their build order. Their late game/Treaty game at late is underwhelming. I would like at least 1-3 of these suggestions to go into Spain for a more interesting play while also enjoying flexibility in any game mode.

1.Age 3 Alliance with Jesuits-Ships 1 Native Embassy and allies you to the Jesuits
2.Age 2 Tercio Tactics(Change)- Can now be sent an infinite amount of times. But will now cost 200 wood after the first time it is sent
3.Age 2 Convent of Spain- Unique church upgrades become cheaper by 10% and Spanish churches now heal units around it slowly
4.Age 4 Moroccan Gibraltar trade- You gain a 2.00 coin trickle and Town centers gain ability to train Salt Mine Wagons
5.Age 4 Latin Ties- Ships 10 and Allows you to train Armored Pistoleers from Taverns. 1500 Coin cost
6.Age 3 Age of the Tercio- Pikemen’s wood cost is now changed into a smaller cost of coin
7.Age 1 Conquistador(Change)- While also making the explorer stronger along with the Dogs. A new research is available at age 3 at the Arsenal
-Spiked Armored Collar:+5% Hitpoints and 5% melee resist
8.Age 3 Liberation March- UNIQUE to Spain. can be sent a second time but not boosting the train time of Cavalry or infantry anymore but instead Artillery. (-10% train time to all artillery and 2% artillery movement speed)
-will be renamed to Conqueror’s Stride if Liberation March is sent
9.Age 4 Revolutionary Treatise- When you revolt your Settlers no longer become Revolutionary equivalents 250 food 250 wood 250 coin cost. also ships 3 Falconets
10.Age 4 Spanish Treasure Fleet(change)- In addition to 3 Galleons. Galleons and Battleships now also trickle a tiny amount of coin.
Battleships=0.10 coin
11.Age 1 Pioneers(Replaced) into Expeditionary Engineers- Increase the Hitpoints of settlers by 40% and decrease the build time of all fortifications by 15%
12.Age 1 Team Card House of Valencia and Aragon- Increases the Hitpoints of settlers by 10% and all gather rates of settlers by 5%
13. Age 1 Advanced Trading Post and Native lore Removed(change)- Add Empire’s Expanse.
-Makes Tradeposts 25% cheaper
-Makes all Native Improvement costs become 15% cheaper
-Tradeposts gain a weak attack
-Tradeposts have 20% more hitpoints

Unlikely(Loosely related to Spain)- Below are better off representing revolts or are too imbalanced to consider

1.Age 4 Peninsular Arms War- Transforms all crossbowmen into Miquelet. Skirmishers with less hitpoints but have more range and attack faster. Miquelet (militia) - Wikipedia - I am aware that they are of the Valencian and Catalonian origin and not of Spanish Empire.

2.Age 4 Expansionist Hacienderos- Ships 2 Haciendas and increase the build limit by 1. Town centers can now very slowly train Hacienda Wagons however at an increased cost 750 wood.-For use as an emergency to allow you to rebuild lost Haciendas. If this is sent. You can have a maximum of 3 with the Mexican Team card 4 of them.


Maybe the Spanish could get an unique Dragoon unit as well. The “Lusitania Dragoons” comes to my mind.

The uniform of this dragoon regiment wore three skulls and crossbones as a special distinctive on the cuffs of the coat in memory of its almost complete annihilation in the sanguinary Battle of Madonna dell’Olmo on 30th September 1744. And due to this they went by the nickname “Dragones de la Muerte” (Death Dragoon). Though in 1760 this special distinctive was replaced by three embroidered white triangles (silver for officers).


I’ve been thinking about this–right now all of Spain’s uniqueness is in its archaic units, Pikemen, Roderleros, Lancers. And there is a good historical reason for that, as those units, specifically Tercios were what they used when they were at their peak (lancers were used for a long time tho, Roderleros weren’t used for very long). But now the game’s focused timeframe has shifted more towards the 1700s+ and Spain is still stuck in the 1500-1600s, meaning they feel out of place in the later stages of the game, that is, if you use Spain’s unique units late into the game, which I don’t think most people do. Rather than rods and pikes they’ll usually start building musk and skirm, both of which are really good for Spain due to Unction and the new Guerilla Warfare card (the introduction of which was really just an Unction nerf). All of which means that Spain in the late-game just doesn’t feel as unique.


Now how to fix this problem (I at least think this is a problem, at least for how fun they are, not necessarily how good). I think some of your suggestions could help.

Number 12 would be pretty nice to have, as Spains eco is pretty lackluster.

Number 9 is a great idea in my opinion, as it would allow to more easily choose a different lategame via revolutions, which are really one of the most fun things with Spain. It should have some cost to send tho, and it also doesn’t need to ship falcs.

Age of the Tercio would be a good card, but I don’t think it should be a lower coin cost.

I actually do want to see miquilets.


There’s an entire spanish school of artillery weapons, you don’t need lombards that are already a building name.

According to this, these kinda cannons were called “Trueno” in spanish anyways.. Pedreros are also a very typical spanish cannon variant that’s not ingame, they are basically mortars that fire rocks rather than normal projectiles. If you want something more modern, there’s the Ordoñez Guns from the late 19th century.


This Pedrero artillery piece and the Ordoñez Gun that you have mentioned does sound like better contenders for new unique Spanish units in the future than the Lombard.

Perhaps the Lombard cannon could be an unique unit for the Incas instead and be called “Trueno” (Thunder) or something else. The Lombard was apparently used by the conquistadors when they first landed in South America, and it could have possibly fallen into the hands of them and other native groups.

Thanks a lot for sharing this source of yours @HoopThrower.

The image shown below is of a Lombard cannon:


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Spanish doesn’t need buff. They have lancer rod which just beat a lot of civs


Well not really a buff but more of Optional tools. You don’t see Landwehrs for germans in competitive a lot anyway. It works just like that.

Though some appear to be buffs .They aren’t It just adds a layer of customization to the Spanish.


I would like Spain to have modern army cards like German Landwer and British Ranger bringing the Civ to the 19th century.

Maybe a tiny nerf to Soldados but making it accesible in Barracks as well


I think the problem here is that Spain was at its best during the 16th century. Trying to bring in 19th century units would look weird, like what? Guardias Civiles and Chapelgorris?

They are rather obscure compared to the british army during their imperial heyday or the Prussian army.

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Transform the crossbowmen into harquebusiers to be able to do a harquebuiser + pikes combo in the late game and Spain will be decent, unique and fun to play.


Maybe a tec like the “thin red line” from the british that changes the skins of some units like the musk. those never fail.

I guess you mean Arquebusiers and not the mounted unit?

Cuz otherwise that’s so incredibly busted lol.

I still vouch for Espingarderos though.

A bit of a modernized flavor wont hurt.

And since we are in the topic of historical weirdness.

Im just gonna say this but Ordinance troops of Portugal look like Australian Militia.

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That’s what I was thinking—their heyday was over by the later stages in the game.

That’s why I’ve been thinking maybe they could do something with a little more with the colonies—specifically more detailed revolts.

Although I remember you’re not a fan of those XD



si quieren modernizar un poco las unidades españolas en quinta edad propongo que hagan algo así.

Estos eran los “dragones de cuera” (se llamaban dragones, pero eran lanceros). Eran de California y todo el norte de Nueva España, en ellos se basó Walt Disney para hacer los lanceros de la serie “El Zorro”. Podrían ser la skin del lancero en quinta edad, y combina bien con las unidades de las revoluciones.

Y algo asĂ­ para el guerrillero.

El Rodelero se podrĂ­a reemplazar por alguna otra unidad.


MĂ©xico ya tiene Dragones de Cuera, explĂ­citamente. Igual mucha modernizaciĂłn no es, dejaron de existir para comienzos del siglo XIX.

I guess you’re talking about chinacos? They have nothing to do with the dragones de cuera actually. Furthermore, they were part of New Spain army, not Mexico.